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Microsoft Excel Keyset:

One program that is almost as complicated and power as PhotoShop is Excel - at least when it's in the hands of a person who knows how to use it.  I can get by, but spend more time hunting for functions, features and what I want to do rather than getting it done.  Hopefully, a keyset like the Zboard Excel keyset will help me be more productive.  Let's take a look.

Excel Package
Excel Package

With the PhotoShop Keyset costing you $70USD, the Microsoft Excel keyset will only set you back $35USD - half of the PhotoShop unit.  Ideazon also offers a Microsoft Office Keyset as well as a Microsoft Word keyset as well.  All three Microsoft products are priced at $35USD.  While you may think that you're not getting near the level of shortcuts, features and functionality, the truth is that each of these keysets comes loaded with shortcuts that you probably didn't know existed.  Take a look at the feature list of the Excel keyset.

Excel Keyset
Excel Keyset

  • Easy and fast access to critical commands
  • 104 labeled Microsoft® Excel default shortcuts
  • Enhanced command zones for Function Keys & Number Pad:
    • 17 Bar Lock keys for key Microsoft® Excel commands
    • 12 Pad Lock keys for additional Microsoft® Excel commands


Excel Keyset
Z-Engine Software w/Excel Keyset

Although the Excel keyset is pretty loaded, it's not as jam-packed with functions as the PhotoShop keyset, as you can see in the images below.   In fact there are some keys that don't serve any extra function at all.  That's kind of weird after seeing the massive pile of functions crammed onto the previous layout.

 Excel Keys
Excel Keys
 Excel Pad
Excel Pad


After playing around with and using this keyset to set up some fairly intensive spreadsheets, I did find that it had increased my productivity and sped up how long it took me to work with Excel sheets.  I didn't feel that it was as helpful to me as the PhotoShop Zboard however, but you also have to keep in mind that it is only half the price and I'm a bit more fluent with Excel already.  Either way, the Excel keyset is a great tool to help you learn and master Excel.

The only downside to the business solution keysets is that when Padlock is engaged (which is very handy) you lose the ability to quickly punch in numbers on the keypad.  You have to remember to remove the Pad Lock and that is as much of a pain as toggling the Number Lock button.  Most of the time number lock is on and you don't have to worry about it - the keypad just works.



Ideazon has created some Business Solution keysets in order to broaden the appeal and marketability of the Zboard.  While I don't think I'd go buy a Zboard and a Adobe PhotoShop keyset specifically for PhotoShop, if you have a Zboard already, the business keysets are a nice addition that make better use of your fancy folding keyboard.  As I stated in the initial review of the Zboard, key action is a little rough and not smooth and quiet like a Saitek Eclipse II or a nice Logitech keyboard, but applications like Excel and PhotoShop work on any keyboard as you are primarily using number keys (Excel) or a mouse with lots of keyboard shortcuts (PhotoShop).


  • Additional keysets expand functionality.
  • Makes applications easier to learn and master.
  • Increase productivity and lessen learning curve.



  • Not cheap - Some keysets cost as much as the entire Zboard bundle.
  • Stiff action is loud and a bit clunky.

This is how it breaks down - as we see it.

Although these keysets are handy, I just can't recommend them to everyone based on their price.  Unless you need something to help learn PhotoShop, Excel or some other application, they are pretty expensive for the light user.  If you are frustrated when it comes to using PhotoShop though, this could help you get off the ground a little easier.
I'd like to thank Ideazon for sending these keysets our way for review.  Please feel free to post your thoughts, comments or questions in the forum at the "Comments" link below.