Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated USB Gaming Keyboard

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Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated USB Gaming Keyboard
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Product(s): Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated USB Gaming Keyboard w/ Gamepad
Provided By: Ideazon

Price: ~$89.99 USD (Ideazon Zstore)

A while back I took a look at the Merc keyboard from Ideazon, the makers of the popular Z-Board series of keyboards. Overall I liked the original Merc and enjoyed having the gamepad built into the keyboard on the left side and found it to be a good all-around keyboard. Today we are going to look at the next model up in this series, the Merc Stealth. Now at first glance it looks exactly like the original Merc, but you'll quickly notice that there are some improvements, let's see if they have made a good keyboard even better...


First Impressions:

Well, my first impression was, "Hmm, this looks like the Merc except all black", and if I hadn't read the details of the Merc Stealth briefly before it showed up, I probably would have been a little puzzled as to why I needed to review a keyboard that is just a different color than the original Merc, which I have already reviewed. Anyways, after I pulled it out of the box I immediately noticed it is significantly heavier than the original Merc (thanks to the backlights, extra USB ports and Headphone jacks I'm assuming). I was happy to see the extra USB ports and the headphone jacks, both of which are always handy and even if you don't use them regularly, they are nice to have in a pinch.


Merc Stealth - Full View
Merc Stealth - Num Pad

Merc Stealth - Gamepad


Now let's do a quick little visual comparison to the original Merc that we reviewed.


Merc Keyboard
Merc - Full View
Merc Numberpad
Merc - Num Pad

Merc Gamepad
Merc - Gamepad


So there you go, as you can see the setup of the Merc and the Merc Stealth are identical, which is a good thing for someone who has already been using the original Merc, but wants to add a few new options that the Merc Stealth offers.


Merc Stealth - Option Keys
Merc Stealth - Keyboard

Merc Stealth - USB and Audio Jacks


As you can see in these pictures, there are a couple extra option keys (for Backlight Color and Brightness), as well you will also see that this keyboard has 2 USB ports, as well as a headphone and mic port on the top of the keyboard, other than that, they are exactly the same.