LapWorks Aluminum Desktop Stand - Closer Look and Usage

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LapWorks Aluminum Desktop Stand
Closer Look and Usage

Closer Look:

The LapWorks Aluminum Desktop Stand is pretty versatile.  It has six height adjustable positions and they claim it can raise the laptop screen up by as much as 6.75".  My observation has shown that it can actually raise my Acer 5580 Core 2 Duo laptop us by 6.5".  Larger laptops will sit back farther on the stand and gain that extra .25" quite easily.

Minimum Height
Minimum Height
 Maximum Height
Maximum Height


When we reviewed the Lapworks Futura Lapdesk, our biggest complaint about that device in terms of desktop stand performance was the short height and wobbly construction.  The desktop stand we're looking at today has much greater height adjustment options, and is rock solid with a 14.1" laptop perched on top.

Another feature that makes this handy is the built-in swivel.  If you've got this unit on your desk, you can easily swivel the stand to show a client a proposal, or a business partner the fine print in your partnership agreement.  In all honesty, the swivel feature doesn't look that impressive but it sure is handy.

Swivel Base
Swivel Base


Using the Aluminum Desktop Stand:

Stand in UseAlthough I've got a decent desktop system for doing much of the typing, editing and site maintenance here at BCCHardware, I find myself using my laptop more and more.  The BCCHardware lab is in a separate building from my house, and it's nice sometimes to do a little work inside where I can be near my family and still get things done.  Some days, I spend several hours typing on my laptop and this leads to a sore neck from staring down at the screen so I was pretty eager to give this stand a try.

When used at the lower couple of positions, you can easily type on the laptop without an external keyboard, but even this causes some wrist strain so it's easier on the next but can give you carpal tunnel syndrome.  To make full use of the stand, you really need an external keyboard and mouse so that you can get the laptop elevated and still type comfortably and faster with a full-sized keyboard and mouse.

Ideally, a bluetooth mouse and keyboard could be used with the stand and it would maximize productivity as well as be very convenient as there are no wires and cables to plug in.

One thing that Lapworks mentioned with this unit is the ability to use the neoprene cover as a mouse pad.  I tried this for about 5 minutes.  The neoprene is slippery on both sides and slides around the desk.  If you perhaps were using the stand and neoprene case on asphalt or a gravel road, it may not slide around, but on a desk - the case/mousepad is perfectly useless in my opinion.  If you have a rubber desk, you may be more satisfied.

Also, the stand is said to "Cool laptops up to 23%".  With our Core 2 Duo T5500, running two instances of Folding @ Home for Team BCC, we say exactly 0°C difference when using the laptop stand vs. sitting on the desk.  For some laptops it may indeed aid in cooling, but in our situation, there was no thermal advantage to the Aluminum Desktop Stand.


The LapWorks Aluminum Desktop Stand does one thing very well - it elevates the laptop and provides a solid platform for extended desktop use.  If you've used a laptop at a desk without a stand for an extended period, you'll understand the neck and shoulder strain that can occur from constantly looking down.  This stand provides a much more comfortable environment for extended laptop use in a desktop environment.

The only real downside is the price.  The MSRP of $70USD is only part of the overall picture.  To be really useful and get the maximum height available, you'll also have to lay down some cash for an external keyboard and mouse.  A decent wireless setup can cost around $100 and can cost as much as $200 very easily.  Of course, if you're happy to take up a couple of USB ports, you can use wired devices for much less money.

Although cost may be a factor, if you've ever had to take massage therapy or visit a chiropractor to relieve the strain, stress and discomfort that goes along with poor laptop placement, this is not a large price to pay for comfort and better overall health.  The reality is that I'm keeping this stand and buying a keyboard and mouse to go with it.  For me, it's worth the money for productivity and comfort but your results may vary.


  • Solid stand
  • Elevates laptop up to 6.75"
  • Swivel base
  • Aluminum construction
  • Folds thin for storage and transportation in your laptop bag



  • Neoprene travel bag slides around on desk - not a mousepad
  • Doesn't provide extra cooling like advertised




I'd like to thank LapWorks for firing over the desktop stand for us to review.  This has already saved my neck from discomfort, and my wife from rubbing "Deep Cold" on my neck to relieve the strain.

Please feel free to post your feedback in the forum at the "Comments" link below.  We'd love to hear what you have to say about this product.