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MSI 8348 DragonWriter
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I've been interested in this drive for a little while now, not because I need a faster burner, but because it's MSI. I have used their video cards in the past and loved them. I was very curious if their CD-RW drives lived up to MSI high quality and performance standards that we have come to love.

When I tried to do some research on this drive I found nothing. I didn't even know how this drive wrote to CD-R's (eg. CAV, P-CAV, Z-CLV) I was quite excited when the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at DallmannComputers got this drive in, and sent it my way for a review. As of today, I have yet to read other sites review. Mine just might be the first. . . let's get to it shall we?

Here is what all the fuss is about:


Click on the above pic to see MSI's specs on this drive.

If'n your on dialup, here is a breakdown:


  • 48x16x48 EIDE 2MB ExacLink Buffer Under run Protection
  • 2MB Built-in Buffer Size
  • 48X Writing, 16X Re-writing, 48X Reading
  • E-IDE / ATAPI Interface
  • Auto Flash Memory Upgrade: Optimize performance and extend life of the drive
  • AWSS: Auto Balancing and Anti-Vibration System
  • EAC: Enhance Adaptive Control monitor for accuracy when writing
  • Dual Radiation System: Heat free reduced over heating
  • Front-panel Playback / Skip function button
  • Emergency Eject
  • Noise-reduced function
  • Power Saving Function
  • Dust protection design
  • Popular CD burning Software Package


  • Data Transfer Rate/Read - 7200 KB/sec (48x)
  • Data Transfer Rate/Write - 7200 KB/sec (48x)
  • Data Transfer Rate/Rewrite - 2400 KB/sec (16x)
  • Special Writing Method - ExacLink
  • Writing Mode - Disc-at-once, Track-at-once, Multisession, Packet writing, Raw writing
  • Access Time - 100 ms typical@1/3 stroke
  • Buffer Size - 2M bytes
  • Interface - E-IDE/ATAPI
  • Disk Format - CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM (mode1 and mode 2), CD-ROM XA (mode 2, form 1 and form 2), CD-DA, Bootable CD, Photo CD (single- and multi-sessions), Video CD, CD-Extra, Mixed mode CD, CD-text

Ben's Custom Cases Specs:

  • 48x CAV writing.
  • 24x, 32x, and 40x P-CAV writing.
  • 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x, 24x, 32x, 40x, and 48x writing speed supported.
  • 90min CD-R support.
  • Justlink - not ExacLink on this model.
  • Manufactured in July 2002

This drive shipped with the A.QZ firmware installed - the same firmware that the BenQ 4816P uses. After I finished all the tests, I got the word from Ian over at CDRLabs, to flash the firmware to A.UZ. I flashed it up, ran some test, and found that they all finished exactly the same. The firmware did fix up some CD-R coverage issues I had though.

Here's a quick shot of the CD-RW's specs according to Nero Info Tool:

Now, on with the Test Setup and Read Tests!