EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review

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EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review
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A while back, I was lucky enough to get ahold of the 8K9A2+ motherboard from Epox. I initially wasn't planning to review this board, but after reading a bunch of other reviews on the web, I felt the need to address some issues, both strong points, and week points that I haven't seen covered. I am not claiming to have a better or more complete review on this board, I am simply covering it from a slightly different angle.
Package & Contents:

When Epox came to market with this product they wanted to appeal to the consumer in every way imaginable. Not only is this board feature-packed, it's also comes in a pretty package. Epox apparently decided to save trees with the 8K9A2+, and this board comes in a funky plastic box.

Who really cares what the box looks like? It's what's inside that counts!

Inside you'll find quite the bundle. The Deluxe version of the board comes with a mobo manual, HighPoint manual, Serial ATA manual, Driver CD, 3.5" HighPoint drivers, 3.5" Serial ATA Drivers, Rear USB Bracket, Rear Game Port, Serial ATA cable, IO shield, a Rounded ATA133 Cable, and a Rounded Floppy Cable.

The version I received has all of this, minus the Rounded Cables. . . it came with regular ribbon cables. Either way, it's quite a bundle for a motherboard that is priced $60-$80 less that a comparable ASUS, ABIT, or MSI motherboard.