EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review - BIOS Features and Overclocking

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EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review
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Bios Features:
The BIOS on the 8K9A2+ board comes pretty much loaded. It has just about everything a man could want in a BIOS, including multiplier selection, adjustable fsb from 100 to 255, vcore adjustments, memory voltage adjustments, and myriads of ram timing tweaks. Instead of me just telling you about it, lets take a look. All thumbs are clickable.
Bios Features - - - - Peripheral Settings
AGP Settings - - - - PC Health Screen
RAM Timings - - - - Voltage Settings
CPU Frequency and Multiplier

The biggest thing that doesn't impress me about theBIOS is that when an AGP 8X card is detected it doesn't let you select your AGP rate. It must run at AGP 8X. This was causing a serious problem with my Radeon 9700 Pro. It wouldn't run stable on this board at AGP 8X. I had to use PowerStrip to lock my AGP rate to 4X.

That being said, the newest VIA Hyperion drivers, the 4.46 actually have fixed the AGP 8X stability issue.


This board is one heck of an overclocker. I am using a T-bred A chip (133FSB) on this board and it doesn't really seem to have limits. The big downer on the KT400 based boards is that when you overclock above 166FSB, you start to overclock your PCI and your AGP. There is no way to "lock" it at a certain frequency, and the boards lack of a 1:6 divider, definately make overclocking a little more limited. The FSB is keyed in and is selectable from 100 to 255 FSB, and any multiplier from 5 - 24 can be chosen in increments of .5.

That being said, this board still rocks in the OC department. With my cheap PC2700, I've had it to 205FSB, and my 1800+ overclocked to 2.26GHz. . . not stable mind you, but it's posted and booted into Windows. I was getting memory errors.

For this review, my MAX STABLE overclock was at 190x11=2.09GHz (Programs detect it at 2.1GHz), and this was definately due to my RAM. I had set to Ultra Timings and volted up to 2.8v, and the CPU was overvolted to 1.7v.

Now lets get on with some benchmarks!!!