EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review - SiSoft Sandra and PCMark Tests

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EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review
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SiSoft Sandra and PCMark Tests
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Final Thoughts and Conlusion

SiSoft Sandra:
* * * All overclocked results on all benchmarks are at 190x11 on the CPU. The GPU remains at stock speeds at all times.
First we take a look at the common Memory Bandwidth Benchmark. The CPU here is set at 133 FSB and the ram is running at it's stock 166FSB. . . All settings normal and by SPD. It seems a little on the low end of the scale, but I am running cheap RAM at CAS 2.5.

This next shot, shows how much of improvement their is running the RAM at 190FSB and Ultra settings, with the CPU running 190 FSB as well. That's a little better. . . That overclock bumped up the bandwidth by 40%. Nice!

Now we'll take a look at SiSoft's CPU Arithmatic Benchmark. According to the chart, the stock CPU is sitting slightly below the database CPU.
When we overclock the CPU to 190x11 we see a dramatic increase in performance, and the chip outscores a XP2400+.

The last SiSoft Benchmark I ran was the CPU Multimedia Benchmark. Once again, at stock speeds the 1800+ CPU shows a slightly lower performance than the database.
By overclocking though we see an easy 36% perfomance increase in this synthetic benchmark. Gotta love that "free" performance.
PCMark 2002:
PCMark is a benchmark that shows overall computer performance, and this is how it looks on the 8K9A2+. From overclocking the CPU gets an extra 34%, Memory - a 20% boost, and even the Hard Drives feel the benefit to the tune of 9%. Not bad.