EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review - UT2003 Benchmarks

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EPoX 8K9A2+ Gamers Review
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UT2003 Benchmarks:
* * * All overclocked results on all benchmarks are at 190x11 on the CPU. The GPU remains at stock speeds at all times.
I've opted to use Nicao's UTBench2K3. It's an awesome, accurate, easy to use utility that even has HardOCP compatible benchmarks. Go get it here. For ease of understanding and comparison, I've used the HardOCP compatible settings on all of these Benchmarks. They are all done at 1024x768 at High Detail. All driver settings are default.
The first test is the CPU test. The two sets of results on the left, are taken without averaging the results by second. The second set is averaged by second, and reflects actual game performance. Overclocking gives quite a boost as you can see.
Next are some UT2003 Map Benchmarks. The results speak for themselves. Again, the two sets of bars on the left of the graph are displayed as HardOCP compatible, and the sets on the right have all the same settings, but are averaged by second to reflect actual game performance.
These test all show some advantage of overclocking, and what this board can do. On a side note, one of the most dramatic tests to demonstrate the "real in-game" performance benchmarking of Nicao's UTBench2K3 is Inferno. Apparently for 1/30th of a second the framerates drop quite low, but you'd never see it in game, as reflected by his utility.
Now, on the conclusion and final thoughts.