Nvidia GeForce 8800GT - The Battle for the Budget - Testing Page 1 (Synthetic Tests)

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I will split my testing into two sections: Synthetic testing and Gaming Testing. For synthetic testing I will be using PCMark Vantage and PCMark06. For the gaming portion I will be testing using Call of Duty 4 Demo, Timeshift Demo, and Call of Juarez. All 3 of these games are DirectX 10 games.


Test System:


3DMark 2006 Benchmarks:

This is going to be the test where a more expensive video card really shines, this is a synthetic benchmark that gives a pretty good indication how a video card is going to run games, and gives a final result that can be easily compared to other video cards on other platforms. For my testing I ran this 6 times on each card and compared the results using the exact same test rig, just with two different video cards.


3DMark Performance


Well, the results aren't really too surprising that the 8800GT beat the 8600GTS, we were expecting that, the surprising thing was how well the 8800GT did. If you go online and check out results from other 3DMark06 users, you're going to see at 1024x768 with No AA and No AF as final score of 10772 is pretty decent, considering an 8800GTX normally scores in the 12-13k range, the final score just under 11k really surprised me since a 8800GTS 320MB card can't even pull those numbers. What sort of gets lost in these results is that the 8600GTS pulled some decent scores too, unfortunately they were overshadowed by the performance of the 8800GT, but when you consider that the 8600GTS retails for about $160 bucks CDN, the numbers aren't half bad, and for the gamer who only plays occasionally and at lower resolutions, the 8600GTS isn't a bad choice to save a few bucks. But, after just these results, I'd think anyone who plays games regularly is going to want to shell out an extra $100 bucks and upgrade to the 8800GT for the extra performance, especially if you like to play games with all the eye-candy turned on, or want to play at higher resolutions.


PCMark Vantage Benchmarks:

PCMark Vantage is the new benchmarking tool from futuremark and has replaced PCMark05. This benchmark measures performance in more than just games, and therefore isn't as heavily reliant on the video card as 3DMark06 is, but the results are still interesting, and it's interesting to see how a video card can affect total system performance.


Futuremark - Vantage

These results also are not too shocking, but I was really interested to see how much a video card would impact these results. For your regular home user that does the normal e-mailing, websurfing, photo editing, you're probably not going to see a huge difference between the two cards, but in a benchmark like this the reason there is a difference is because this test also takes gaming into account and benchmarks that in one section, therefore giving the 8800GT a higher score, but if you excluded that in your testing you really wouldn't see as big of a difference between the two cards.