Nvidia GeForce 8800GT - The Battle for the Budget - Testing Page 2 (Gaming Tests)

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Gaming Testing :

The gaming testing is probably the section where most people will base their decision off of when looking to buy a video card, since these are real world tests and a good indication of what you can expect when playing the newest games available. I have included 3 of the newest games out there (Call of Juarez, Timeshift, and Call of Duty 4), and have included results from both the 8800GT and the 8600GTS. For my testing I ran through the demo much like anyone else would and took the average results for fps, as well as the minimum fps, and the maximum fps I encountered while playing. This should give a pretty good indication of how the 8800GT stacks up with real world results.


Call of Juarez Demo

Gameplay Settings:

Resolution: 1280x1024
Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Shader Model: 3.0
Antialiasing: Off
Texture Filtering: Bilinear
Shadows: Low
Shadow Map Size: 1024
Depth of Field: On
Material Quality: Medium
Texture Quality: Low
Foliage Quality: Log

Call of Juarez - Performance


Call of Duty 4 Demo

Gameplay Settings:

Resolution: 1280x1024
Refresh Rate: 60HZ
Antialiasing: Off
Shadows: On
Specular Map: On
Number of Dynamic Lights: Normal
Soften Smoke Edges: No
Model Detail: Normal
Water Detail: Normal
Texture Filtering: Bilinear
Texture Resolution: Normal
Normal Map Resolution: Normal
Specular Map Resolution: Normal

Call of Duty 4 Performance


Timeshift Demo

Gameplay Settings:

Resolution: 1280x1024 32bpp
Material Quality: Medium
Texture Resolution: Medium
Anisotropic Filtering: 2x
VSync: Off
Projected Shadows: None
Smooth Shadows: Off
Shadow Map Quality: Medium
Shadow Map Resolution: Medium
Dynamic Lights: On
Decals: Medium
Distortion Effects: On
HDR Quality: Medium
Parallax Mapping: Off
Parallax Shadows: Off
Grass and Debris: On

Timeshift - Performance



Well, the results are in and I doubt anyone will be shocked to see that the 8800GT came out on top, but I think people will be surprised to see how well the 8800GT performed. For my gaming testing I did all the testing at 1280x1024 and medium settings, I didn't go too overboard since we are trying to test two "budget" cards. For the majority of users out there, 1280x1024 is a pretty standard gaming resolution, and many LCD's on the market are maxed out at 1280x1024. If you game at 1024x768 then a card like the 8600GTS is going to be fine for you, at lower resolutions you aren't going to see a huge noticeable difference between the two, but once you start getting into the 1280x1024+ range and start turning on some of the eye candy is where you start to see a difference between the two cards, and that's exactly what these benchmarks show. Even at 1280x1024 if you turned down the quality settings a bit you can easily make all these games run smoothly on the 8600GTS, but for the average gamer that doesn't want to break the bank, the 8800GT is obviously going to play games much better, and for an extra $100 bucks its going to be pretty easy to justify the upgrade.