Mio Digiwalker H610 and C220 GPS Units - General Testing (H610 and C220)

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General Testing:

Well testing for a GPS isn't all that complicated, you use it and see what happens. There aren't really any tests that can compare the two against each other and produce a number at the end, mainly its comparing features to features, and how those features work. I used both of these units like a normal user would, and this section is the results of my testing.

I have included some pictures of the menus from the Mio Map V3.2 program that is included on both of these units. Both units have the same program and the same functionality with the GPS program, therefore I only took one set of pictures on the C220s, because the H610 is exactly the same.


c-main .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Main Menu
 c-options2 .jpg
Mio Map V3.2 - Options


c-options .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Options
c-poi2 .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Points of Interest


c-poi3 .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Points of Interest
c-poi .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Points of Interest



It's interesting to note the Points of Interest feature, it doesn't have just a few points of interest, it's got about 3.5 million points of interests to be precise. As you can see in the pictures even when specifying something like 7-11, I had pages of matches and with a single click it will direct me right to their doorstep.


h-address .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Address Entry (H610)
c-address .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Address Entry (C220)


As you can see in the two above pictures, address entry is pretty straightforward on the C220, on the H610 due to the smaller screen it is a little more complicated, but still very simple to do.


h-main .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Main menu on H610
 h-gps .jpg
Mio Map V3.2 - H610 Loading


 h-route .jpg
Mio Map V3.2 - Route (H610)
c-routing .jpg 
Mio Map V3.2 - Route (C220)