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Prodcuts: Hades GP1 Mousepad - Hades H1 Gaming Mouse
Provided By: Hades Gaming
Price: $30.55USD , $57.74USD respectively at Hades Gaming


In a market that is absolutely crammed with mouse pads and gaming mice, is there room for another company?  Today we are looking at a couple of products from Hades Gaming and will find out if they have what it takes to make it in a market dominated by the likes of Razer, Logitech and SteelSeries.  We have the GP1 Mousepad and the H1 Gaming mouse on our bench and find out if this is a killer combination for playing games and general usage.


About Hades Gaming:

I'm sure that not very many of you have heard of Hades Gaming.  To fill you in on the details, we'll pull some information from the company profile page. 

In 2003, most of the famous brand start to lunch "Gaming Mouse". At that time, the main story/ feature of an gaming mouse is resolution. Than, the selectable resolution, adjustable weight, special designed driver.......became standards, if you are going to provide a gaming mouse. To day, 2 years after, the main change of a gaming mouse all the sells and brands told you, the gaming mouse suppose to be a LASER mouse. However, all the professional gamers know, the LASER mouse technology is not enough to be a "gaming mouse".

Hades-Gaming takes a lot of time in discussion, cooperation with professional gamers and has found what the gamers want. After studying for several months, we found the best optical sensor which is much better than all the gaming mouse in the world. We finished a demo kid for the professional gamers to test it. All the gamers like this, and they told me this is the best gaming mouse of the world. We tried to find the right customer to produce it. But, the trend today is LASER mouse, no one want to make, produce, provide this wonderful solution.

H1, the first product of Hades-Gaming, was produced for this reason. We know this is the best one, we know all the gamers like it, so we decided to bring it to the world by our self.

The Best Pro Gaming Mouse Will Be Here.....

In order to provide the most powerful device for professional gamers, Hades-Gaming Corporation conjoin the sensor leader company, Avago Technologies, and DEXIN corporation, the most innovative company to design a new LASER pro-gaming mouse. The specification and features of the key component (   LaserStreamTM navigation sensor), is designed by Hades-Gaming Corporation and provided by Avago Technologies.


GP1 Mousepad:

The GP1 Mousepad doesn't look all that impressive at first glance.  To be perfectly honest, I was bit disappointed when I first pulled this pad out of the box.  It first appears to be a normal "hard" surfaced soft pad that can be rolled up for storage.  Then I began using it.  It provides very smooth action for the mouse and tracks excellent with the H1, Logitech's G5, MX1000, LX700, VX Revolution, the Saitek GM3200 and even the Rocketfish BT Mouse.

Hades MousePad
Hades GP1 MousePad


No matter what mouse I used on this pad, tracking was flawless, precise and lag-free.  The surface is a little rough, and this provides less surface area contact on the mouse feet resulting in less friction and smoother mouse movement.  Below are a list of features and specifications of this pad.

Features & Specifications:


Styx GP1 gaming mouse pad is the first professional gaming mouse of Hades-Gaming mouse pad product. Of course, Hades-Gaming demonstrates the metallic plastic technology on this product. No matter the optical mouse or the last LASER gaming mouse, Styx GP1 provides the incredible stable and accuracy. Styx GP1 is the only mouse pad which gain the approval of using the trademark " Optimize for Avago Technologies    LaserStreamTM Technology" label.

The mid-rough texture with PP surface make the Styx GP1 in a very low friction coefficient. So, mouse can be moved faster and better accuracy on this pad. The rubber base makes this special soft plastic pad becomes easy for carrying. You can have plastic pad anywhere. It will be the best mouse mate for you.



  • Design for optical gaming mouse
  • Patented reflection technology
  • 20% upgrade the optical engine
  • Special mid-rough surface
  • Super slippery PP material
  • Soft and slip-proof rubber bace
  • Soft plactic pad
  • With "Optimize for Avago Technologies LaserStreamTM Technology" label.



  • Surface material: PP
  • Special mid-rough surface
  • Soft and slip-proof rubber bace
  • Dimension: 350 x 260 mm (W x D)
  • Base: rubber
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Color: dark red


Closer Look:

Before we jump into the H1 Mouse on the next page, we'll take a closer look at the GP1 and see some of the things that make this pad work.

Mousepad Details
GP1 Mousepad Details

The pad has a nice rubbery backing that is very grippy.  It never slid, moved or wiggled on the desk all throughout testing.  The Hades logo is classy and gets some attention as well.  We took a system to a gaming conference and showed off the Hades gaming products and everyone seemed to be quite impressed with the pad and the mouse.