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H1 Packaging & First Look:

The H1 Mouse we received is not really geared for North American sales at this time.  While we could find some English on the box, it was mostly Chinese.  That being said, the actual packaging is quite attractive and follows the company theme and colors very well.  Unlike many other companies that show off their product with clear packaging, you don't get to see the Hades H1 Mouse until you take it out of its house.

Hades Mouse House
Hades Mouse House


Thankfully there is enough English on the box so that we can get an idea of what is required and on what type of platform this mouse will work.

 Mouse Requirements
Mouse Requirements
 Not Made In America
Not Made In America

As far as bundles go, the Hades H1 comes fairly equipped - especially for a mouse.  In the box you get the mouse, a software CD, a mouse pouch, and some replacement/additional mouse feet.  Not only that, but there are removable weights in the mouse that can be stored in the pouch or left in depending on your preference.

 Hades Bundle
Hades Bundle


For a company that seems I've never heard of, they actually have a nice finish to their product.  Even the software is Hades branded and the Autorun screen keeps on pushing their image.

Software Menu
Autorun Menu


Before we take a closer look at this mouse and the software, let's cover the features according to Hades Gaming.

H1 Mouse Info:


Hades-Gaming is going to provide the best professional optical gaming mouse, H1. All the features of H1 are designed for pro-gamer, and the extremely high performance will demonstrate H1 is the king of gaming mouse.
H1 makes the cursors moving in a high accuracy, stable status. It such matches the request of the FPS (First Person Shooting) games such as Counter-Strike Series, Unreal Tournament Series, Call of DutySeries, Quake Series, DOOM Series, Painkiller, Half Life Series etc.. At the same time, the hight resolution feature also satisfied the RPG, RTS games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, Dungeons & Dragons Series, Ultima Series, Might & Magic Series, Wizardry Series, Men of Courage, Age of Empire Series, WC, Red Alarm Series.
The optical engine of H1 is the most powerful of the world, of course, it just one of the features of H1. The 4 levels adjustable resolution, keyboard commands saving, weight adjustment, full speed USB, PTFE (Teflon) mouse feet. All the features above make the H1 become the most powerful weapon for gamers.


 Mouse Profile
Mouse Profile


Main Features:

  • Professional Gaming Mouse
  • Best performance optical engine
  • Special design for FPS/ SLG/ SIM/ SPT/ RPG/ RTS games
  • Tracking speed up to 40 IPS (inches/sec)
  • Pixel: 4.8 mega pixels/ second
  • Frame rate: up to 12,000 FPS (frames/ sec)
  • Toggle resolution selector
  • 4 levels adjustable resolution with indicator (Up to 8 levels)
  • Default resolution: 400/ 800/ 1,200/ 1,600 DPI,4 levels
  • Resolution: 100~3,200 DPI
  • 2 modifiable mouse modes (profiles)
  • Independently programmable 8 buttons (Saving up to 16 different commands)
  • Up to 16 commands keyboard saving
  • Adjustable USB report rate: up to 1,000 reports/second (MIN 4Hz)
  • Modifiable surface optimized
  • Hardware parameter saving technology
  • Weight adjustable
  • Non-slip gaming scrolling wheel
  • Non-slip and soft rubber coated mouse buttons
  • USB full speed
  • 2M (6.56 ft) USB 2.0 cable
  • Gold plated USB connector for wonderful conductivity
  • Gaming PTFE (Teflon) mouse feet
  • Dimension: 120 × 77 × 41 mm; 4.74 × 3.04 × 1.62 inch (L × W × H)
  • Weight: 128g (with cable)
  • Color: Red/ Grey, Black


On the next page we'll take a closer look at the H1 Mouse before we start testing.