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AMD Phenom 9500 and 9600 Testing (Synthetic Benchmarks):

For the PCMark Vantage and the 3DMark06 tests the performance of the Spider platform was pretty decent. If you refer back to our recent review of the Nvidia 8800GT, you can see that this system was able to keep up to a Intel X6800 and Geforce 8800GT system in both tests, and in the Vantage review is actually able to outperform the Geforce 8800GT system with the Phenom X4 9600 overclocked 10%. You can refer back to our review of the 8800GT for comparison here.


PCMark Vantage (Default Settings)(Higher is Better)


I was pretty happy with the 3DMark06 scores that this system was able to achieve, and with the overclocked Phenom X4 9600 we were almost able to break the 10k mark, and probably with a bit more tweaking and a bit more of an overclock we could break the 10k mark. Regardless, for having a sub $200 dollar video card installed, this system was able to come just short of the Intel X6800/Geforce 8800GT system that we took a look at a while back, which features a video card that retails for almost $100 dollars more, and in a benchmark like 3DMark06 that is pretty heavy on the video card end, the Phenom X4 system ends up with some pretty nice numbers.




3DMark06 - Default settings (No AA, No AF, 1280x1024) (Higher is Better)


PCMark05 (Higher is Better)