MSI GX600 Gaming Laptop

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MSI GX600 Gaming Laptop
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Product(s): MSI GX600 Gaming Laptop
Provided By: Memory Express

Price: Estimated MSRP ~$1400-$1700 CDN Depending on Configuration




The idea of a gaming laptop is something that most gamers are really interested in, finding a solution that can run all the newest games, and pack up to head to the next LAN party in under 2 minutes and only have to make one trip to the car, is something that the majority of gamers would be interested in buying. The biggest complaint ever heard at a LAN party is always right around the time when everyone is packing up in the middle of the night and making numerous trips to the car to load up all the gear required for a gaming system.

In the past gaming laptops have got a bad rap, due to the extreme price, and the mediocre hardware, but MSI has decided to try and change the way gamers thing about laptops, with the GX600 Gaming Laptop. Let's see if this laptop can break this stereotype.....


First Impressions:

I was very interested to get my hands on this laptop to see what it was capable of. I was half skeptical and half excited to be precise, since I've seen some other gaming laptops that really haven't been all that impressive in the past. I was also interested to see what a MSI laptop was all about, I've seen them at stores and briefly demoed them in the past, but never have been able to have one on the bench for in-depth testing.


MSI GX600 - Open View
MSI GX600 - Closed View


MSI GX600 - Accessories
MSI GX600 - Box


In the above pictures (Left) you can see that this GX600 comes with a 2500dpi Laser mouse, as well as a headset to get you going. Both the mouse and the headset aren't anything too special, but they will get the job done if you don't already have a favorite headset or mouse.

MSI GX600 - Inside Box
MSI GX600 - Battery


MSI GX600 - Battery Installed
MSI GX600 - Battery Removed


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