CaseBuy USB Vacuum

Product: CaseBuy Tech USBV-180-B Vacuum
Provided By: CaseBuy Tech


USB has many functions, hence the term "Universal Serial Bus."  From flash storage, external drives, video capture devices, and even dancing Santa's, USB has taken us a long way and perhaps still has a long way to go.  CaseBuy Tech sent over yet another USB powered device that thankfully doesn't require drivers.  They recently sent me over a USB powered vacuum, and today we're going to take a look and see if it's worth a port or not.  Stick around and we'll take a look.

The Package:

The USB Vacuum Cleaner comes in a clamshell case with two attachments.  The two attachments include a brush with 3 suction tubes, and a flexible keyboard/creavace tool.

A Closer Look:

The USB Vacuum has a LED that is supposed to help illuminate the surface which you're cleaning.  The LED is the large protrusion that you can see on the underside of the main unit.  Also, just to the right of the LED and to the left of the power cable, is a "high power" button.  This is used to speed the vacuum up and increase performance.  The USB cable is actually quite long and you shouldn't have any trouble reaching your keyboard, case or other peripherals.

The USB Vacuum has a multi-stage switch.  You can switch the unit to just power on the LED, power on both the LED and vacuum, and shut it off.  As previously mentioned, there is a button on the bottom that allows you to run the unit at high power.

As you can see the LED is moderately bright and can serve as a small corded flashlight if needed.  To be quite honest, the LED is not very useful when cleaning your keyboard, but it does shed a small area of light to the project.  The model I received has an amber LED, and the USBV-108-S comes with a blue LED.  I'm not sure which would really be best, but the blue LED looks cooler.


I really questioned the ability of the USB Vacuum to really help clean anything.  On low power you can barely feel any suction at all, and at high power it actually seems to suck a fair bit. . . for a USB Vacuum that is.  The true test was to use it to clean up a keyboard.  It actually cleaned up my keyboard quite well.  It took quite a while and the high power setting was used.  After I spent a few minutes using the vacuum, I pulled it apart to see how much, if any dirt was on the filter.  I was actually quite surpised to see how much there was.

I decided to try pluggin the vacuum into a high-speed USB2.0 port to see if that improved performance. . . I was shocked to find that performance remained the same.  Data transfer may have improved, but dust transfer did not.


Is the CaseBuy USB Vacuum a tool that everyone should have?  I'm afraid the answer is no.  It does do as advertised and clean out the keyboard, and clean off fan grills on laptops, but so does a can of compressed air.  I was surprised that it performed as well as it did, but it still lacks punch even on high-power.  If the USB Vacuum sells for less than $15, it could be a good buy, but if you have to pay $25 or more, you're better off with a can of air.  Just my thoughts.


  • USB Powered - Works with any computer with USB.
  • LED can be used to light up vacuum area or just light up what you need.


  • Not very powerful

Here is how we sum things up over here this time around. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 6.75

If you're a gadget geek who has to have toys, this is worth a look.  It could also make a great stocking stuffer. . . 'Tis the season.  Either this, or a can of compressed air. . .

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I'd like to thank CaseBuy Tech for firing this piece of hardware over for a review.