(Short) Road to Vegas

Hello from overcast, showery Vegas! 

Last night I spent at Fujitsu's in Calgary and he treated me to the comfort of the special "Princess Bed".  I was thrilled as you can image as I got to snuggle up with all my fairy tale friends. . . not to mention the classic Barbie pillow.  Good times, if you like to get in touch with your feminine side.

Princess Bed


The plane ride in was smooth and skies were mostly overcast but as we descended into Nevada and got closer to Vegas, we hit some clear sky and got a nice view of some water.  Thank goodness, as I wasn't very confident in my personal floatation device when flying over land.  We shared the flight with the guys from CoolIT and had a few laughs.


 Over Water


Finally we ended up at our hotel a few miles from downtown, but between a fast internet connection and a nice big screen TV - it's almost better than home.

 At Hotel


That's it for now, if a few hours we head on over to CES Unveiled and meet with a bunch of people a couple days before the general public and the other guys get to.  It will be a busy week, but so far so good.  Make sure you stay tuned for our daily coverage.