CES Unveiled - Fujitsu

CES has unofficially began, with the first event being CES Unveiled. CES Unveiled is a chance for the press to be able to get a sneak peek at some of the new products that will be featured at CES 2008. Quite frankly it was a madhouse, but we were able to get a couple sneak peeks at some new products, from companies such as Parrot and Sonoro. Both of these companies might not be all that well-known, but they have got some really neat new products that they are showcasing at CES 2008.




Sonoro is a company based in Germany that is debuting its new products to North America this year at CES 2008. Sonoro is also debuting a couple new products that we were able to take a quick look at during CES 2008 Unveiled.


 Unreleased Sonoro Radio/Dock
Sonoro Cubo Elements


In the above picture you can see the new Sonoro Cubo Elements, which is an all-in-one iPod dock/Alarm Clock/Radio/Internet Radio unit, which as you can see in the picture, has a very nice high-gloss piano finish. The finish is so nice the fine folks at Sonoro include a pair of white gloves with each unit so that you don't smudge up your Cubo while your getting it all hooked up.


Sonoro Fusion 
Sonoro Cubo Fusion (Left)
Sonoro Cubo Elements (Right)


The Sonoro Cubo Fusion (picture above), is a nice iPod Dock/Alarm/CD-Player/Clock Radio unit, which just like the Sonoro Elements, also has a super classy gloss finish to it. Both of these products really have a great look to them and wouldn't look out of place in any room.

If you'd like to find out a bit more about Sonoro, you can head on over to their website for more information. The new Cubo Fusion and Cubo Elements are not on their website at the time of publishing, but should be appearing shortly.


Parrot is a company that specializes in Bluetooth capable audio devices, for both the home and the car. We were able to take a look at a few of their new additions to their product line.


  Parrot Bluetooth Dock
Parrot DS3120 All-In-One


The Parrot DS3120 is a speaker dock, that can wirelessly play music off any Bluetooth capable device in range. It also features a FM Radio, and you can also play media off USB/SD/MMC.


Parrot Bluetooth Speaker
Parrot DS1120 (Pictured Middle)


The Parrot DS1120 is a Bluetooth capable speaker system that also features a line-in for other media players.


  Parrot In-Dash Bluetooth Head Unit
Parrot RK8200 Car Stereo


The Parrot RK8200 is not your normal car stereo, its completely Bluetooth capable, but also features connections for your iPod, USB Stick and SD Cards. The really interesting thing about this stereo is that the iPod connection is actually inside the head unit, and once you put the faceplate back on your iPod is completely hidden, and won't be rattling around in your glove box or console. This product has just been released, but you can check out their website for full details once they are released.

You can also check out their website for more information on any of these products, as well as many others they offer.

That's it for me today from CES Unveiled.  We've got a couple of press conferences tomorrow and of course the keynote speech later on.  Make sure you check back often for all of our Daily CES Coverage, and if you're tired of reading, catch the latest pictures in our CES 2008 Gallery.