CES - Microsoft Showcase and Bill Gates Keynote Speech

One More Sleep to CES 2008...

Sunday was a bit of a slower day for us here at CES, seeing as CES officially doesn't start until tomorrow. There was still quite a bit of activity going on and we were able to attend the Samsung press conference, as well as the Bill Gates/Microsoft Keynote address. It was a quiet day for us, but it will be good to get the show underway tomorrow and get some closer looks at the product we've been hearing about.

Bill Close
Bill Gates - CES 2008 Keynote Speaker


This year was Bill Gates last year at CES as the keynote speaker, as he will be leaving Microsoft in a full-time capacity in July, so there was most definitely some jokes about Bill Gates "retirement" throughout the presentation. There also a celebrity-filled movie of what his last day may look like (featuring Bono from U2, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, John Stewart and more), as well at the end of the presentation there was a Guitar Hero 3 battle between Bill Gates and one other Microsoft executive - Robbie Bach (Pictured Below) (Link to the Video in our Forums )


Bill Gates Guitar Battle
Bill Gates - Guitar Hero 3 Battle

Bill Gates came out victorious in the end, but not before he had Slash from Guns and Roses come out and pinch hit for him. (Pictured Below)


Slash from GnR.
Bill Gates - Guitar Hero 3 Battle
w/Slash (Guns and Roses)

All in all it was an interesting presentation from the folks at Microsoft, and they pitched all their new products, which included the new Zune and the new Zune Social online network, the Sync (Currently Shipping in the new Ford Focus), Microsoft Live group of products, XBOX Live, and their Windows Mobile software, as well as the Microsoft Surface. Some of the products aren't "New" but there were some new improvements that they were showcasing. The Microsoft Surface is really quite an innovative product, and is one of the neatest new technologies and if you haven't heard about it or seen it on the internet, you can find out more about it on the Microsoft website.

Some interesting facts that were given during the presentation was that Vista now has hit the 100 Million user mark, which still has a way to go as Windows XP sold well over 400 million licenses. Windows Live has reached the 420 Million user mark, Windows Mobile has been shipped on over 20 Million devices, and XBOX Live has over 10 Million users.

It was also announced that XBOX Live will be featuring ABC and Disney TV programming starting this month, as well as they will also be offering MGM's full video library.

There was also a sneak peak at some new technology from Microsoft that is currently being developed for cell phones that can recognize faces and provide the name of the person if they are in your database, as well as any notes that you have about them. In the demo they also used it to recognize buildings, and on something like a restaurant you would be able to view their menu, check your reservation and other information relating to that particular restaurant. It was very neat to see this type of technology and in the years to come it will be making its way into cell phones everywhere. When it becomes available we will provide links to the full Keynote speech, which will include a demonstration of this new technology that is being developed, it's tough to explain and really needs to be seen for the full effect.

Well, that's all for today, come back tomorrow for Day 1 coverage of CES 2008.

Make sure you check out the pictures in our CES Gallery, and keep on checking out our Daily CES Coverage for continued coverage as the show officially starts tomorrow.