CES Day 2 - Jason "Fujitsu" Schneider

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CES Day 2 - Jason "Fujitsu" Schneider
Sandio, Cooler Master and Netgear
Razer, A-Data and Sandisk Coverage

Day 2 of CES 2008 has come and gone, and we once again covered a ton of ground and met with a bunch more companies and were given a preview of even more new products. We primarily covered the Las Vegas Convention Center, which is almost overwhelming with how big it is and made for a long day of walking, but we persevered and covered a ton of products. I will highlight some of our meetings with Thermaltake, Sandio, Cooler Master, Netgear, Razer, A-Data, and Sandisk.



We stopped by the Thermaltake booth this afternoon, and we checked out a bunch of new products. Thermaltake has a ton of products, and I could go on for quite a while trying to touch on them all. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but as you can tell they've got a lot of neat gear.




As you can see in the pictures above, Thermaltake has a ton of air-cooling solutions. They've got a couple new Typhoon Coolers, and quite a few new Orb coolers (VGA and CPU), as well as a couple others.




In the above pictures you can see a few of the watercooling products from Thermaltake, A couple from the Big Water series, as well as some VGA watercooling solutions. 


The two pictures above are a couple of the neatest things we saw at the Thermaltake booth. On the left we have a hard drive dock in the Blac-X series, and as you can see in the picture you can drop a standard 3.5 (as well as a 2.5") HDD into the dock and hook it into our pc without having to run any cables. 


On the right you will see that Thermaltake also had a Quad-Crossfire system on display, which we haven't seen much of yet. Quad-Crossfire systems are just around the corner, but this is one of the first I've seen in action. 



Thermaltake also had their full line of power supplies on display, including their 2000 Watt power supply. It's interesting to note that the 2000 Watt model is not available in North America as it is only able to be plugged into 230 Volt power, so the North American 115 Volt power just won't cut it.



And last but not least we've got a couple pics of some of the new Thermaltake cases above, including the new Armour case.