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Product: WolfKing Warrior
Provided by: WolfKing USA
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This product is a cool little extension aimed specifically at the fps world. It was made by WolfKing, a company I have never heard of before, so I headed over to their website to check them out. They seemed decent enough although not a whole lot of selection in their products led me to believe that they are a fairly new company.


About Wolfking:

To find out more about Wolfking, let's check out their company info.

WOLFKING is a gaming enthusiast focused technology company positioned at the leading edge of gaming interfaces and accessories.

The WolfKing keyboard is the creation of Wolfking Inc, their goal with this product was to produce a high quality gaming keyboard offering a serious alternative for those users who find a traditional style keyboard cumbersome when gaming.

“Developed together with the thinking caps of FPS gaming enthusiasts WolfKing, the ultimate gaming keyboard for FPS gamers makes for fast, accurate and deadly moves in order to help you get ahead of your counterparts. Engineered to give you the ultimate experience, its one palm size fits all keys concept makes your movement even more professional and precise as opposed to a standard keyboard. Experts can now play more professionally and beginners will be able to adapt to FPS games much faster and easier.

Most of us know the problems with most gaming keyboards is that under normal everyday conditions they are awkward to use and certainly not an ideal solution, in fact you are frequently compromising your comfort for slightly improved positions within games. In theory it is quite possible to use the Wolfking in a USB port alongside a traditional style keyboard, however not everyone will be overjoyed at the prospect of two keyboards on their desk.


 Warrior - Front of Box
Warrior - Front of Box
 Warrior - Back of Box
Warrior - Back of Box


First Impressions:

When I opened the box, I was impressed with the amount of keys WolfKing was actually able to fit on the circle, 55 keys in all.  The USB cable was long enough to reach the back or front of my computer no problem, although for convenience sake, I kept it plugged into my z-board.

The bottom of the pad was outfitted with rubber spots to keep it from moving around, and there were tabs you could switch up to give it a slight slant.  The keyboard didn’t require any installation of drivers, but apparently wasn’t compatible with Vista. I don’t have access to a vista machine so I didn’t get the chance to test this claim.

 Warrior - Profile
Warrior - Profile
Warrior - Bottom
Warrior - Bottom



UT3 and CoD4 were games of obvious choice to test this new pad. The shortcut keys I needed for UT3’s many guns were provided in pretty much the exact same place as they are in a regular keyboard, the only difference for these is the varying different sizes of keys threw me off my game until I got used to it.

In CoD4 lying down (ctrl) and sprinting (shift) were difficult at first because the keys were in different place than what my pinky finger is used to hitting. The default melee button (v) is not even on the pad so I had to change my controls to z or x.  This pad even provided a volume control and escape key.

 Warrior - Setup
Warrior - Setup


Basically this pad is a nice extension for FPS gamers, it definitely provides more keys with better accessibility. Although it does take a while to get used to, it will pay off in the long run. Comfortibility for the wrist also extends the gaming time.  On the other hand, if you have a cluttered desk it might be hard to find room for the WolfKing Warrior, you might actually have to move that pyramid of pop cans or something. The price of this pad seemed perhaps a little high, but if I needed this I would pay the price.



  • 55 keys within reach
  • Comfortable
  • Portable



  • Desk space
  • Price little high
  • Limited compatibility with Vista

 Top Pick

I'd like to thank Wolfking USA for sending up this gaming keyboard.  Please post any questions, comments or feedback you have regarding this review in the forum at the "Comments" link below.  Guests are even welcome to post!