Samsung LN-T4681FX LED Backlight 46in. 1080P HDTV - Subjective and Objective Testing

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Testing is always the hardest part about a TV review.  Image quality can be such a subjective experience and I usually like to operate with cold hard facts in hand. Most of these tests are subjective however there are a few quantitative tests mixed in.

 Color Swatch
Color Swatch


IMAGE Quality and Color Reproduction:

In the month that I had this TV I used it for everything from low quality DIVX files to DVDs and Blu-Ray movies.  The DIVX and DVD testing was done using my modded XBOX original and the Blu-Ray movies were played back using a friend’s PS3 game console.  I will say that overall my experiences were very positive with just a few negatives I would like to let you know about.   Let’s start out with the positives, shall we.

The color and contrast of this TV are absolutely stunning.  There is really no comparison with the 40” non-LED Samsung I had tested previously.  I was very surprised that the LED backlighting would make such a difference but it certainly did.  Blacks were much blacker, and the whites were positively blinding.  On a movie like “The Incredibles” the color was very deep and rich.  I wish that I had pictures to do it justice but you have to see one of these units in store to believe it.  Even the problems I have had with the “Dynamic Contrast” setting on previous models were largely mitigated.  All in all I was very impressed with the depth of color and contrast that this unit provided.

Contrast Gradient
Contrast Pattern


Moving on to the image scalar I found myself facing more mixed feelings.  On the one hand this TV will upscale old DVDs and low-res DIVX movies quite well.  I was quite pleased with the results compared to the excellent image scaling provided by my older XBOX.  On the other hand, however, noise reduction was virtually non-existent.  While watching Blu-Ray movies such as Superman, I found the film noise to be quite noticeable and very annoying.   While it is not the sole responsibility of a TV to limit the film noise, it is something that most consumers will be expecting from a unit of this caliber.  If you are intending to purchase this TV it is in your best interest to make sure that your source has adequate noise reduction or you may find yourself somewhat disappointed.


Brightness Uniformity:

There is no denying that this TV is like a mini supernova when it comes to brightness.  For my lighting tests I had to put up a solid white screen and then crank the brightness to max.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem; however things were different with this sucker.  I had to don sunglasses just to be able to get close enough to take light readings with our LUX meter.



After braving the blistering onslaught of photons to gather some precious data, I was able to ascertain that this TV has a very uniform brightness.  It does fall off rather quickly around the edges but nothing that is visible to the naked eye.  Pictures speak better than words, so here are the charts from the measurements that I took.

Profile Light Map

 Top View Light Map