Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB Video Card - Testing Page 1 (Synthetic Tests)

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I will split my testing into two sections: Synthetic testing and Gaming Testing. For synthetic testing I will be using PCMark Vantage and PCMark06. For the gaming portion I will be testing using Call of Duty 4 Demo, Timeshift Demo, and Call of Juarez. All 3 of these games are DirectX 10 games.

All of our Gaming benchmarks are actual gameplay numbers, and not a benchmarking tool, we take the averages using Fraps so that we can more accurately show how a video card handles games. Some benchmarking tools can be configured or optimized to give higher scores, but using actual numbers from gameplay will be able to more accurately rate performance.



Test System:


3DMark 2006 Benchmarks:




Well the 9600GT actually performed a bit better than I was expecting, I was expecting for it to be pretty much in the middle of the 8800GT and 8600GTS, but in all the tests it was approximately 10% slower than the 8800GT, which should make it perform quite decent in gaming tests.


PCMark Vantage Benchmarks:



Vantage isn't the greatest test when comparing video cards, but I wanted to include it anyways. Vantage measures overall system performance, and therefore adding a new video card isn't going to affect the scores in the same way as it would in 3DMark or gaming tests, but as you can see in the graph the results were pretty similar to what we saw in 3DMark06.

Let's move onto the ingame testing on the next page...