Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB Video Card - Final Conclusion

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Final Conclusion:

The 8800GT is a great card, and has been selling like crazy lately. But the 8800GT is still in the ~$250.00 USD range, which makes it tough to justify for the casual gamer. That's where the 9600GT comes in, with a rumored MSRP of ~$169.00 USD, it will be a bit cheaper, and therefore a bit easier to justify for the casual gamer who still wants to play the latest DX10 games. The 8600GTS is rumored to be dropping into the ~$140.00 USD range, but for the extra $20.00, it will be a very easy decision to make the jump up the 9600GT.


The performance of the 9600GT was very decent, and was a bit more than what I expected, I was expecting for it to be pretty much right in the middle of the 8600GTS and the 8800GT performance-wise, but in most tests it came in much closer to the 8800GT than the 8600GTS. In lower resolution tests I found the 9600GT to come pretty close to the 8800GT, but once we started cranking up the resolutions a bit, the 8800GT pulled ahead, but for the gamer who wants to play at 1600x1200 and above, you are still going to have to shell out a few more bucks for the 8800GT or 8800GTX, but for the gamer who wants to run things at 1280x1024, the 9600GT is going to be right up your alley.

The Gaming performance of the 9600GT was very decent, and I had no problems in any of the 3 games I testing running at 1280x1024 with a bit of eye-candy turned on, while the 8800GT still was able to outperform the 9600GT, it wasn't by a whole lot. The 9600GT did outperform the 8600GTS significantly, and in most of the tests we ran the 8600GTS would get a little choppy during big scenes, while the 9600GT didn't have much problem at all.

Does the 9600GT make ATI nervous? Nope, the performance of the 9600GT is right about the same as the ATI HD 3850, and the prices are pretty much identical, therefore it's just going to make it tougher for consumers to decide between the two, when going to the store you might want to bring along a coin to flip so decide between the two. We are going to take a look at some ATI video cards in the coming couple weeks and will compare them up against the 9600GT directly to see how they compare, so check back later for that review. The 9600GT might not be the greatest card on the market, but it's a definite improvement over the 8600GTS, and Nvidia fans will appreciate that.

At the end of the day I am quite happy with the 9600GT, and I think for the estimated MSRP of $169.00 USD it's going to be a great option for the casual gamer.


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