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Product: Sandio 3D O2 Mouse
Provided By: Sandio Technologies
Price: $79.99USD MSRP


I was very excited to review this item from the first time I saw it. A 3D mouse looked pretty cool to me, and I was very interested in seeing how they actually made it 3 dimensional.

Before this product came to me, I hadn’t heard of this company, so before we get started, here is a brief summary of the company.


Sandio Technologies is a 3D input technologies solutions provider. Our objective is to support our clients through the process equipping their 2D-enabled devices (such as mice, keyboards, joysticks...etc) with 3D capabilities. Sandio's 3D input chip enables these 2D devices to experience transition and rotation along the x, y and z axes. The device can now access both 2D and 3D functions, allowing for six degrees of freedom (6DOF) operations.


 Box Profile
Box Profile
 Sandio O2 Info
Sandio O2 Info



Seeing how this is a fairly new concept and product to the general population, there is quite the load of information on this product ranging from exact specifications to numerous features. So feast your eyes on an entire page of marketing information.

Short version -

  • - PC Compatible
  • - USB Port
  • - System Requirement: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista
  • - Dimensions: 3.5 in(L) * 9 in(W) * &.9 in(H)
  • - Resolution: 400/800/1600/2000dpi
  • - Data Package: 16 ultra-throughput bits
  • - Cable Length: 80 inches


Long version -

Mouse Type

6DOF Laser Gaming Mouse


Avago A6010/CY7C63413


400/800/1600/2000 dpi

Data Packet

16 bits



Port Type


Cable Length (mm)

2000 ±30 mm   ;   78.7 + 1.2 in

Switch Life       

3,500,000 cycles

Supply Voltage

DC 4.75V~~5.25V

Operation Temperature   

0°C ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature

15o to 60o

Storage Humidity

90% RH or less

Dimension (mm)

90 mm (L) * 230 mm (W)* 200 mm (H)  3.5 in (L) * 9 in (W)* 7.9 in (H)


177 + 10 g


One Year


CE FCC    FDS  BSMI  C-tick

Laser Certification

FDS   IEC60825 (Class One)


Designed for RPG and RTS Games


- Gain an Unfair Advantage

- Navigate Freely in 3D Worlds

- Up to 16 Programmable Keys

- More than 40 Pre-Configured Popular RPG, RTS and FPS Games


Enhance Your Total 3D Experience


- Walk, fly and turn freely in Second Life

- Fly Through Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth

- 6DOF Operation with Ease on Google Sketchup



- Removable Ergonomical Wrist Support

- Award-Winning Laser Sensor

- Change DPI On the Fly during Game Play

- Both audible and visual DPI adjustment confirmation


Benefits of Using the Sandio 3D Mouse

Google SketchUp

- Increase productivity

- No need to switch between menu and objects to change views or rotate objects

Google Earth & Microsoft Virtual Earth

- Enjoy flying easily through the 3D landscape using only your mouse

- Users are no longer confined to only using the on-screen navigation tabs to change camera angles

Second Life

- Experience more flexibility and control

- Use the 3D mouse to navigate, while accessing your hotkeys on the keyboard

- OR use the keyboard to navigate, while assigning hotkeys to the mouse

- Up to 16 additional commands

- Completely customizable: Modify the keys to fit your 2nd Life preferences


First Person Shooters (FPS)

- Use the Sandio Game O2 for navigation and the keyboard for hot keys. You can free the left hand for game commands instead of switching between navigation and hot keys.

- OR use the keyboard to navigate while using the 3D mouse buttons for hot keys.

- Communicate better with teammates

- Invent new moves and duplicate them easier

- Up to 16 customizable commands at your fingertips

- Adapt the mouse to your gaming style!

- Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time


Real Time Strategy (RTS)

- Gain significant time advantages

- Rapidly and effectively execute hot keys

- Intuitively control camera angles and views

- Manage your units more efficiently

- Up to 16 programmable buttons

- Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time

Role Playing Games (RPG) & Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG)

- Improve navigation

- Map important commands to 3D Mouse buttons

- More accurate execution of commands

- Ergonomic design for comfort during longer gaming sessions

- Effortlessly and Intuitively manipulate camera views

- Up to 16 additional easily accessible commands

- Your imagination is the limit of how you tailor the mouse to fit your gaming needs!

- Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time