Super Talent Project X 2GB DDR3-1800 - Final Conclusion

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Final Conclusion

Super Talent Project X DDR3-1800 Memory - Final Thoughts:

When it comes to DDR3, this is some pretty high-end stuff. Right off the bat, its super low latencies help this memory achieve some pretty good numbers in all the benchmarks we ran. Throughout all my testing this memory was rock solid and thanks to the big heatspreaders the memory never became anywhere near hot (not that DDR3 runs overly hot, but more cooling is always appreciated when trying to pull off big overclocks). This memory also looks pretty mean, I realize that usually memory "looks" isn't high on a consumers list, but this stuff just looks plain mean, and if you've got a side window you will definitely get comments on its looks.

I really have no negative thoughts when it comes to this memory, I only wish I would have been able to push it a little more. Usually in a review you're able to come up with a "con" even if it's very minor, but I really have none with this memory. Sure the price might be considered a negative, however when compared to other memory on the market, it's very competitive. Not having anything to complain about makes the review a little less interesting, but if you're buying memory I'm sure you'll appreciate the lack of negatives.

Biggest thing with this memory is your going to need a good processor that can push it, otherwise you're really wasting it's potential, however even running it at speeds lower than stock the performance was very good and you won't be disappointed. This memory really isn't for the mainstream consumer, its for the enthusiast who wants to push their system, and trust me, this memory will keep up with whatever you throw at it.

At the end of the day, awarding this memory our "Top Pick" award is a very easy decision, and really required no thought whatsoever. Thanks to the Super Talent Project X DDR3-1800's great performance, superb stability, and extremely low latencies, it's a winner, and if you're looking for some DDR3, you need to consider this memory, because the numbers speak for themselves.



  • Very Stable
  • Top-Notch Performance
  • Competitive MSRP
  • Very Tight Latencies
  • Heavy Duty Heatspreaders



  • None




I'd like to thank Super Talent for sending us their Project X DDR3-1800 memory. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.