Samsung 24 Inch LCD Showdown - 245T vs. 245B - Testing - Page 3 - General Testing

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General Testing:


Performance - Text

For the majority of time that I had both of these monitors, I was using them as dual-screens on my main system, and the majority of the usage was for Internet/E-Mail/Text. In all my testing, I was very happy with both monitors for everyday tasks such as internet and e-mail. The 245T was a bit more crisp for text, however the 245B was very comparable, and both did very well for everyday usage. The lower viewing angle of the 245B did not come into play, as for the majority of Internet/E-Mail/Text usage, I was sitting in front of them at a desk looking straight at them.


Performance - Video

The video performance of both monitors was very good, however the 245T could quite easily be declared the winner thanks to the better viewing angles. In tasks such as watching a movie, viewing angles made a bit of difference, since most people move around a bit while watching a movie, and that's where the 245T was noticeably better. However, with that being said, the 245B did perform very well also, just in comparison to a much more expensive monitor, it was outperformed.

Performance - Gaming

Gaming on a nice big 24 Inch screen is quite enjoyable, and both of these monitors did very well in this testing. Viewing angles didn't make much of a difference in this testing, as you're looking pretty much straight at the monitor while gaming. Both the 245T and the 245B did have any ghosting issues, and with the 245T having a 6ms response time, and the 245B having a 5ms response time, I would have been surprised to see ghosting. 


Misc. Testing - Power Consumption

For this testing I measured the watts used after both monitors were fully calibrated, and tested at half (50) and full (100) brightness settings.  It's interesting to note the difference in power rating on each display.  1) 245B Rated Wattage Usage - 100 Watts and 2) 245T Rated Wattage Usage - 130 Watts 


  • 245B @ 50 Brightness - 46 Watts
  • 245B @ 100 Brightness - 69 Watts 
  • 245T @ 50 Brightness - 78 Watts
  • 245T @ 100 Brightness - 92 Watts


I was a bit surprised at this testing, I was expecting power consumption to be very similar, but the 245B even at 100 brightness was less than the 245T at half (50) brightness. This is most likely due to the difference LCD panels being used, but was very interesting nonetheless. When I first conducted this testing I was wondering if something was wrong, however once I looked up the rated wattage usage for both monitors it became clear that I wasn't misreading anything, the 245T is rated 30 Watts higher than the 245B, and in our testing the results were about 30 Watts different from each other.