Samsung 24 Inch LCD Showdown - 245T vs. 245B - Samsung 245T vs 245B Showdown - Final Thoughts

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Samsung 24 Inch LCD Showdown - 245T vs. 245B
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Samsung 245T vs 245B Showdown - Final Thoughts

Samsung 24 Inch Showdown - 245B vs 245T - Final Thoughts:

The point of this article wasn't necessarily to crown a winner between the two monitors that I have reviewed, but rather show the difference between the two and hopefully help make your buying decision a bit easier. Both of these monitors have their strong points, and their weak points, and I can't say that either is the "Perfect" monitor, however each monitor definitely will appeal to different consumer, and both are a good choice when buying a 24 Inch LCD monitor.

I will give my final thoughts for each monitor separately below, and provide an individual score for each monitor.


Samsung SyncMaster 245T - Final Thoughts:

Samsung 245T is really the higher end monitor of the two, and right from the start we were aware of that due to the price tag, and the type of LCD panel used.

This monitor really is an "all-in-one" solution for someone looking for a monitor that can also double as a TV, and thanks to all of its options, that's exactly what it can do. The picture quality of the 245T is very good thanks to its high-end S-Panel LCD, and when you put this monitor side-by-side by the 245B you really can notice a sharper picture and wider viewing angle. All of these options come with a price tag to match, making it one of the most expensive 24 Inch LCD's on the market, however thanks to all its options and great picture, I think this monitor is a winner and earns our "Top Pick" award.

Obviously if I had to choose between the 245B and the 245T, the 245T is the hands-down winner; however it also carries almost twice the price tag, and is almost overkill for most users that just need a basic LCD monitor.


  • Tons of Features (HDMI, PiP, etc.)
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Great Viewing Angles
  • Height Adjustable Stand



  • Price





Samsung SyncMaster 245B - Final Thoughts:

I received the 245B almost a month before the 245T showed up and have been using it for almost 3 months now on a daily basis, and quite honestly for the price of this monitor, I am very happy with it overall. The viewing angle isn't the greatest; however for the average user that has it on a desk, and is looking straight at it all day, it will do the trick nicely. The lack of extra features probably isn't a big deal for majority of users that are just looking for a monitor, and if these extra options aren't a big deal for you, you can save a fair amount of money.

The price of the 245B is pretty tough to beat, with it retailing in the sub-$400 dollar range, it's pretty tough to resist. The picture quality of the 245B isn't as good as the 245T, however for a user that isn't worried about extra features and just needs a basic monitor with a big viewing area, the 245B is an excellent choice, and for the price of this monitor, it's a very good value.

Even though this monitor scores just below our "Top Pick" criteria, it's still a great value and a very nice monitor, and for the average user that wants a nice big monitor with lots of desktop space, the Samsung SyncMaster 245B is a great choice.


  • Price
  • Height Adjustable Stand



  • Lower Viewing Angles



I'd like to thank Samsung for sending us the SyncMaster 245T.   If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.