Aeneon XTune 2GB DDR3 - 1600 Mhz Memory

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Aeneon XTune 2GB DDR3 - 1600 Mhz Memory
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Product: Aeneon XTune 2GB DDR3-1600 Memory
Provided By: Aeneon

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At the end of 2007, I was able to take a look at some shiny new DDR3 memory from Aeneon, the Aeneon XTune DDR3-1333 Memory. This was the first DDR3 memory that I had on the bench, as well as the first time I was able to test some Aeneon memory. Over the past few months I've been able to take a look at a few other brands of DDR3, but today we are going to look at some more Aeneon DDR3, this time we'll be looking at the Aeneon XTune DDR3-1600 Memory.

I am very interested to see how this faster XTune memory will perform compared to some memory from other makers, as well it will be interesting to see how it compares to the XTune DDR3-1333 that we tested a few months ago. Our past experiences with Aeneon memory has been very good, so we will see if they can continue to raise the bar.


First Impressions:

Well my first impressions were pretty much the same as when I opened the XTune DDR3-1333 Mhz kit a few months ago, this memory is identical in looks to the 1333 Mhz version, even the packaging looks very similar. Once again this is some sharp looking memory; the black heatspreaders will look nice in pretty much any system.

front2 .jpg 
Aeneon DDR3-1600 Mhz - Package
 back .jpg
Aeneon DDR3-1600 Mhz - Package


memory .jpg
Aeneon DDR3-1600 - Memory


Aeneon XTune DDR3-1600 Mhz Memory - Specifications:

Specifications taken from

AXH760UD20-16H - 2 GByte (2x1GB) Kit, DDR3–1600 240-pin UDIMM

"This data sheet describes the features and specification of the AENEON™ XTUNE™ DDR3-1600 memory module family."

XTUNE™ DDR3 series is the AENEON™ solution for the latest DDR3 platforms addressing the highest performance providing fast, stable and reliable system operation.


The single module is tested to run at rated speed timings and voltage setting. The Dual Channel Kit comes with two identical modules tested together in DUAL CHANNEL MODE at rated speed timings and voltage on several platforms.
Supports XMP - Extreme Performance Profile on Intel X38/X48 platforms


  • Dual channel kits are pair-tested on latest platforms
  • Enhanced performance modes included in EPP2.0 and XMP profiles
  • 240-Pin Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) with gold contacts
  • High quality aluminum heat spreader to ensure cooler operating temperature
  • Supports Intel XMP – Extreme Performance Profile on Intel X38/X48 platforms
  • Supports Nvidia EPP2.0 - Enhance Performance Profile on Nvidia SLI platforms


Specification - AXH760UD20-16H  
Clock cycle time tCK for CL9 (min) 1.25 ns
Row cycle time tRC (min) 45 ns
Refresh row cycle time tRFC (min) 90 ns
Activate to read/write delay tRCD (min) 11.25 ns
Row active time tRAS (min) 33.75 ns
Single power supply VDD = VDDQ 1.5 V ± 0.1 V
Module dimensions L x W x H 133.35 mm x 30.0 mm x 4.0 mm (max.)
  5.25" x 1.18" x 0.16" (max.)
DRAM Case Temperature tCase (min/max 0°C / 65°C