Crucial 32GB 2.5in Solid State Drive

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Crucial 32GB 2.5in Solid State Drive
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Product: Crucial 32GB Internal 2.5" SSD
Provided By: Crucial
Price:  Currently $799.99USD


Not much has changed with the hard drive over the past 20 years.  While densities have increased and drives now hold more storage than anyone thought possible in 1984, things really haven't changed all that much.  The drive still has heads and platters that spin and a block of data is accessed every time the platter spins around to the head.  The traditional HDD has pretty much remain unchanged.  The SSD however changes everything.  These new Solid State Drives have no moving parts, have no head or platters and they can access a block of data immediately when queried.  Today we are looking at the possible successor to the traditional HDD and have the Crucial 32GB SSD on our bench for a little testing.

 SSD Package
SSD Package

I say "the possible successor to the traditional HDD" as the current price of these drives makes it very difficult for many people to consider putting one of these in their system.  Currently the prices are high and the capacities are relatively small and this will be an obstacle that will prevent them from rapid takeover in the storage industry.  Lower prices and higher capacities are sure to come and then we'll see them take over.   Enough of that though, let's take a look at the drive.


A Look at the 32GB SSD:

Crucial sent over the 32GB version of their internal 2.5" SATA SSD.  They also have ExpressCard versions as well as a 64GB 2.5" unit that costs around $1500USD at the moment.  We'll settle for the 32GB version as this is large enough to do a basic install and have some applications available on your laptop.

 SSD Profile
SSD Profile
Side by Side
Side by Side


The SSD is completely close in on the bottom and the back and there is nothing really exciting to show.  In the picture of the 320GB WD Scorpio and the 32GB Crucial SSD side-by-side, you can see the standard power and SATA connections.  This drive is completely compatible with other 2.5" drives and should plug in with no issues at all.  It has screw holes in the same place as the traditional drive that enables it to mount in the same places as the standard HDD.

I wanted to open the drive and take a look inside, but as I have to return the unit to Crucial, I didn't want to screw it up for the next reviewer.


Product Info:

We've copied some of the product details from Crucial's site for your convenience.  Get all the info over here.

Say goodbye to your hard drive: computing just took a new turn.
Introducing Crucial SSD (Solid State Drive) technology — delivering the benefits of flash technology in a completely different way. More reliable, faster, and more durable than traditional magnetic hard drives, our SSDs are a forward-thinking solution for mobile users — users who want longer battery life, and can't afford to lose or corrupt the data stored on their notebooks. Likewise, SSDs are a great alternative for the PC enthusiast who is always looking for the very best in system performance.

The advantages reach beyond the notebook, too. Our innovative SK01 external storage kit integrates an SSD into your standard desktop PC and allows it to act as a portable USB storage device. The possibilities are endless!

Crucial is the company that's been giving your outstanding DRAM memory upgrades backed by industry-leading warranties and outstanding service and support. And now, were the company that delivers the best SSD products and information to meet your needs.

Why an SSD?
Put simply, SSDs are flash-based drives that offer greater reliability and faster performance than traditional magnetic hard drives. SSDs (solid state drives) are data storage devices that utilize non-volatile (do not lose data when power is removed) flash memory for computing applications that traditionally rely upon a mechanical hard disk drive. Crucial SSDs are designed as industry-standard drop-in replacements (via a SATA connection) for hard drives.

Consisting of just NAND, a controller, connectors, and a PCB, the SSD has no moving parts, creating greater stability by eliminating the mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional magnetic hard disk drive.

System specs
Complete Crucial Internal 2.5" Solid State Drive system specifications

What are the advantages of an SSD?


General system requirements

  • Not operating system-dependent
  • SATA interface 3Gb/s (backward-compatible with 1.5Gb/s)
Note: Consult your system's user manual for SATA compatibility

Warranty Statement
5 years


On the next page we'll take a look at some accessories that help you maximize the use of your 32GB SSD and then jump into testing.