Samsung SC-HMX20C Full HD Camcorder - Included Accessories and Specs

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Included Accessories:

The included accessories are pretty decent for a Camcorder and include the a nice paper manual as well as a more detailed electronic manual on a CD.  On another CD is some software that allows you to edit your HD video.  The software is a nice bonus as many older software programs don't allow editing of HD video.

The SC-HMX20C includes cables for hooking the camera up to your computer; your older TV set (Composite) as well as your new HDTV through the Component video cables.  All of these cables can either be hooked directly up to the camera itself, or to the included dock.

Included Cables
Included Cables


I'm sure many of you noticed the lack of HDMI cable in the picture above as well as there being no HDMI port on the camera itself.  Don't worry - HDMI is supported on the dock and it interfaces with the connector on the bottom of the camera.

 Dock Connections
Dock Connections
Remote Control
Remote Control


The remote included is well thought out and includes pretty much all of the buttons needed to play back, record and navigate the SC-HMX20C menus.

Before we get too far into the review, let's take a look at the specs and features of the SC-HMX20C.



high definition camcorder
You won’t miss any of life’s special moments with this compact, lightweight camcorder. The SAMSUNG SC-HMX20C has an amazing built-in 8 GB of flash memory for 90 minutes of recording time. Plus, with the 2.7-inch touch screen LCD and a convenient swivel handgrip, you’ll easily capture odd-angle shots like baby’s first steps. Full HD recording with 1080p delivers breathtaking images and brilliant resolution.

twice the memory options
Play videos quickly and easily using internal and external memory. The external memory slot accepts both high capacity SD and MMC. The SC-HMX20C has 8 GB of built-in flash memory and 90 minutes of recording time so you never miss anything.

capture images farther than the eye can see
With its high quality 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom lens you can get close to the action from a safe distance. And for those ultra long distance shots, the 100x digital zoom will let you see it all in perfect detail.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
Transfer hi-definition video and audio from your camcorder to your TV, home theater, or other digital AV components. Simply connect your camcorder to your home theater system with a single cable for high-quality picture and sound.

4 mega pixel still camera
Watch your images come to life! A 4 megapixel still camera which will create a crisp, crystal-clear picture that is more lifelike than ever before.

USB 2.0 port
The USB port lets you easily upload your movie clips and JPEG still images to your PC.

2.7” touch screen
You’ll never miss a shot with the 2.7” touch screen LCD display. Catch more of the action and guarantee that the entire image is recorded.

Full Specs:

We've pulled the full specs from Samsung's site and reposted them here for your convenience.


On the next page we'll take a look at the menus and setup of this camera before we jump into testing.