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BODYGUARDZ iPod Touch Screen Protectors
BODYGUARDZ Final Thoughts

Bodyguardz for iPod Touch - Final Thoughts:

One of the biggest features that attracted me to buy my iPod Touch was the slim design of it, and unfortunately as soon as I put it into a hard-shell case that slim design wasn't so slim anymore. That's why when Bodyguardz contacted us and asked if we'd like to sample some of their products, I was very interested to give their iPod Touch protectors a try.

Installation of the Bodyguardz iPod Touch protectors wasn't too bad, however there is a reason they included 2 sets of protectors in the box, because chances are good you're going to screw up the first one. If you go slow and watch the movie that is provided by Bodyguardz carefully, you might be able to get it perfect on your first try, but if you rush or don't follow their guide, you're going to be doing it all over again. I like to think of the first set as more of a learning experience, and even if you do make a mistake you've still got the second set of film, and by learning from the things you did wrong on the first set, you should have no problem getting it perfect the second time around. The whole process of installation could seem like a hassle to some, however I really think the hassle is worth it since this product is going to keep your iPod Touch looking scratch-free just like when you bought it.

The installation video that Bodyguardz provides on their website is fantastic, if you follow the instructions and do what they do, you're going to have a much easier time of installing this product. If you don't watch the video, you're going to have a tough time getting this installed properly; the video has a bunch of little tips and tricks that is going to make installation much easier.

The price of Bodyguardz isn't too bad either; at $24.95 USD at their website (with free shipping in the US) the Bodyguardz is about the same price as a case would be. After you spend over $200 dollars on an iPod Touch, another $25 bucks isn't too bad to keep it scratch-free and looking like the day you bought it. For International buyers, Bodyguardz does not offer free shipping, and to ship this product to my door here in Canada would cost an extra $16-37 dollars, bringing the total to at least $40 bucks which isn't terrible, but it does make it a bit tougher to justify for International buyers. Currently this product is only available online at and at OWC here.

Once you get the film installed onto your iPod Touch, you are going to be very happy, just like I was. Everyone I showed my iPod Touch too didn't realize there was anything different about it, and no one noticed the film until I pointed it out. The top film is virtually undetectable, and the bottom is also very good, however upon closer inspection you will be able to tell that there is a film due to the corners. The corners were what worried me most, sure they looked good the day after, but how would they hold up over time? Well, I waited over a month to see what would happen before I wrote this review, and so far they look just like the day I installed the Bodyguardz, there is no peeling happening and everything is still looking great.

At the end of the day, Bodyguardz for the iPod Touch is a winner of a product. If you want to preserve the look of your iPod without a bulky case, and still keep the screen and body of the iPod Touch looking scratch-free like the day you bought it, you're going to want to pick yourself up the Bodyguardz iPod Touch protectors. This product easily earns our "Top Pick" award, and if you are like me and were looking to preserve the look of your iPod Touch without a bulky case, this product is for you.



  • Affordable Solution to Keep Electronic Devices Protected from Scratches
  • Very durable, does not peel off over time.
  • Keeps your iPod Touch Scratch-Free



  • Limited availability and expensive international shipping from






I'd like to thank Bodyguardz for sending us their iPod Touch protectors to try. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.