Cyber Snipa Stinger Mouse - Software Setup and Testing

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Cyber Snipa Stinger Mouse
Software Setup and Testing


The mouse allows for 4 different DPI levels, 400, 800, 1600, and 2000 are set by default. However, with a program called macro manager that is included with the software package, these levels can be changed manually up to a maximum of 3200. Also, the dpi can be changed manually for both the y-axis and the x-axis. A button labeled "DPI" changes these levels quickly and the scroll wheel changes to indicate which level is selected.

Main Screen
Main Screen


The macro manager also allows the binding of all of the mouse buttons; it is also possible to select which buttons are to be macroed whether it is all or none. Disabling a macro spot on a button returns that button to its "regular" mouse button duties. Any of these buttons can be set to any one of 18 preset macros divided up into three categories, media control, browser control, and program launch.


Option Screen
Option Screen 


New macros are also very easily created, categorized and used using modes are like profiles, each one carries a different set of macros for the buttons on the mouse. Up to three modes can be created and effectively switched by another button below the "DPI" button labeled with a big "M," can't get much clearer than that.

The software is simple but a bit hard to figure out, assigning macros and making them take a bit of experimentation, also some buttons aren’t labeled. However, because it is pretty simple, just a few minutes of time are all it takes to learn the program.



As I went through my daily routine I tried to take more notice of my mouse, a lot of people take mice for granted. They think that mice are all one and the same, one mouse is no different from the rest, but I know first-hand that isn't true, once you've gone up, you can't come down.

 Mouse - Left Side
Mouse - Left Side
 Mouse - Right Side
Mouse - Right Side


This mouse is one of those at the top, as I went though every day with this mouse, I noticed no lagging or inaccuracy - everything was pretty slick and smooth. As I wreaked havoc and bathed in carnage with a few of my favorite games, the Stinger always made my dreams come true.

DPI switching and mode switching were easy and made the transformation of the mouse buttons from one function to the next really easy. This also made it easier to use the mouse for everyday application without having to re-customize it for every use.


Cyber Snipa has definitely made a winner here, with good accuracy and tracking combined with good looks, the Stinger is a powerful weapon in a gamer's arsenal. Made for right-handed people, the ergonomic curves of the mouse and grips on the sides make it comfortable to use over extended periods of time. While definitely geared towards gamers, the Stinger is no slouch when it comes to practical uses, with a full array of features and button binding, this mouse can become a one way ticket to controlling a media player just like a remote. The price is right as well, at the time of writing 45$ online is a very good deal when you compare it to other mice that are around 80$.


  • Accuracy
  • Good looks
  • Max 3200 DPI
  • Weights
  • Customizable Buttons
  • 4-way scroll
  • Price


  • Not for the left-handed
  • Weights hard to remove


Top Pick


I'd like to thank Cyber Snipa for sending up the Stinger mouse for us to review.  If you have any comments you'd like to add, please do so in the forum at the "Comments" link below.