Thermaltake Armor+ MX Chassis - Summary and Final Thoughts

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General Thoughts:

When choosing a case, there are many factors to consider.  Size and appearance are two of the biggest determining factors.  If you are building a Home Theater PC, you want a nice small case.  At the same time, any case you purchase should fit your eye and have nice curb appeal.  While personal tastes vary greatly from one user to another the Thermaltake Armor+ MX should fit the tastes of many enthusiasts and gamers.  It has aggressive styling without looking too tacky.  I know that some may not like the odd shaped side window or the extra plastic molding on the top, but this adds to the overall appeal in my opinion.

Case Profile Powered
Case Profile Powered



Not only does the Armor+ MX look attractive, it is also very functional and offers good cooling performance without a lot of noise.  While the case is certainly not silent, it is much quieter than the NZXT Tempest that we looked at recently.  The Armor+ MX brings some great tool-less improvement on HDD and ODD installation with ways to help keep your cables tidy.  If you're careless, you can still have a cable disaster inside the case, but Thermaltake gives you a good design and enough resources to make it as neat as Ramsom's hair.

Side Lights The top draw may not be looked at as a good feature for some people, but I really like the top drawer for storage and prefer it to the 5.25" bay drawer on other cases.  Overall, there is really nothing bad to say about this case.

It all boils down to Pros and Cons.


  • Tool-Less design
  • Good airflow
  • Pretty quiet
  • Lots of HDD and ODD bays for a mid-tower
  • Tool Tray at the top
  • Easy to remove 5.25" bay covers
  • Excellent cable management and design


  • Steel construction is heavy
  • Umm...


 Top Pick


I'd like to thank Thermaltake for sending up this case for us to review.  It is a nice follow-up to the Armor I personally received a while back.  It's a good case and can be found for under $120 online.  Please feel free to post your comments and feedback and the link below.