BlueAnt Z9i Dual Mic Bluetooth Headset

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BlueAnt Z9i Dual Mic Bluetooth Headset
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Product: BlueAnt Z9i Dual Mic Bluetooth Headset
Provided by: BlueAnt


There are hundreds, if not thousands of different Bluetooth headsets on the market today.  A simple search over at eBay yields well over 9,000 results.  Out of these 9000+, there are many duplicate models but there are lots of different units from companies I've never Z9i Package heard of.  This market is very crowded and for a company to come up with something different is pretty challenging.  Back in February 2008 we looked at the BlueAnt Z9 headset and were quite impressed - today we have the follow-up Z9i from BlueAnt and will find out if this model actually adds new features and maintains the quality of the Z9.

 The list of features on this headset is pretty impressive.  It has active noise isolation technology, dual mics and great talk and standby time.  What even makes this more impressive is that it can pair with up to five devices.  Many expensive headsets from the competition only connect with a couple of devices, and the Z9i takes this a step further for a budget price.  In can only connect with two phones, but that should be enough for most people.  It still leaves three other devices such as a PDA, Laptop and a Bluetooth enabled media player.  All of the specs and features are useless if it doesn't work as advertised however. We paired this unit up with our laptop, a couple of phones and PDA and have given it a workout over the past few weeks, but before we get into the testing, let's find out a little more about BlueAnt.


About BlueAnt:


A market leader in the Australian Bluetooth industry, BlueAnt Wireless provides the ultimate in Bluetooth communication and audio streaming solutions.

Our success to date has been rapid yet our approach is simple: to deliver a customer centric solution through the creation of close relationships with all of our partners – from our distributors to our dealers, through to the people buying our products.

We only offer services that we can deliver. We only launch products that we can support.

BlueAnt is the Bluetooth brand which an increasing number of dealers are adding to their range. We recognize that we need to be different. We recognize that we need to be more than just another Bluetooth brand.

All brands speak of quality but do other brands support all of their products with a 2 year full replacement hardware warranty?
BlueAnt does.

Who offers a 72 hour turnaround on any query or warranty concern?
We do.

You want quality third party independent reviews on our product range?
We’ve got them.

We want to talk to consumers. It removes the pressure from our partners and allows them to focus on what they do best. It allows us to answer queries on our products first hand. That’s why we operate a comprehensive customer service and support program.

The integrity of our relationships and supply becomes obvious from the moment that you begin working with us – you are the important factor in the BlueAnt equation. You represent the frontline to our market after all.