Lamptron CH-2 Case Handles

Product: Lamptron CH-2 Case Handles
Provided By: Lamptron


When the topic of case modding comes up most people think of the fancy super mods that you see in pictures all the time, with the flashy lights and the super water cooling setup. However, most of the times this is not the case.  Small mods are of abundance, today we will take a look at a small mod designed to help keep transport time down to a minimum of effort and awkwardness. This simple mod takes a couple of handles and screws them on to the case to make it easier to carry.

 Front Of Box
Front Of Box
 Back Of Box
Back Of Box



  • Dimension - 170mmx54.7mmx55mm
  • Weight - 213g/pcs
  • Color Available - Black Aluminum Anodized / Aluminum Silver Package
  • Sold in pairs
  • Includes 4 stainless steel fasteners and nuts



Installation Thoughts:

DrillingThese case handles sit on the top of the case bolted down securely by 4-6 bolts. Now before the case handles go on, holes need to be drilled into the top of the case so that the nut and bolt will fit nicely. Obviously you don't want to do this while everything is inside the computer, so most times the top of the case slides off very nicely when certain screws are loosened; every case is different but most times they are at the back. If the top by chance does not come off then the innards of the computer need to be taken out before anything happens. With that done, it is very simple to drill some holes and bolt the handles down I did all this in about 10-20 minutes so it is definitely not a time consuming job.



There isn't much to test with this product.  I was kinda worried at first that the case would bend under the weight and screw up the design permanently, however, the handles spread the weight over a big enough area that it doesn't do anything of the sort. They are very easy to handle and losing your grip is not a problem.  Over long periods of time carrying a heavy case could begin to hurt the hands from lack of soft grips. This poses no problem since it would be only after a long time that it would begin to happen. The aesthetics of the case don't decline as the handles come in both black and white to suit whatever the "case" may be.

 Handle Close
Handle Close
Handles Installed
Handles Installed



All-in-all this is an excellent product and although permanent, can enhance a system's portability. As I do not know the price of this product I cannot comment on it. The company is based in China so there aren't many retailers in North America that carry any of their products. Even Ebay didn't have anything. Other than that, easy installation and good aesthetics make it nothing to be scoffed at.


  • Easy Installation
  • Portability (eg. "Handy")



  • Permanent
  • Where can you actually buy these?



We'd like to thank Lamptron for sending over the CH-2 Case Handles for us to review.  Make sure you post your comments regarding this review in the forum at the "Comments" link below.