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SteelSeries Ikari Iron.Lady Bundle
Iron.Lady Bundle Pictures and Info
Ikari Software and Testing

Pad & Mouse:

The heart of this bundle is of course the Ikari Laser mouse, but the pad makes a difference when it comes to gaming as well.  SteelSeries has chosen to bundle the QcK pad with this mouse.  This pad is a nice choice as it tracks very well, is smooth to use and is also easy to roll up and package with this bundle.  At first, it wouldn't lay flat for pictures, but after a day or two on the desk it settled in nicely.

Pad - Pink
QcK Pad - Pink


The mouse really isn't all that surprising if you've already read our previous Ikari Laser review here, you've got a good idea as to what it looks like and what it's about, but we'll throw in the pink pictures for your girlfriend or wife's enjoyment.

Front View
Left Side
Right Side
 Iron.Lady Bottom
Iron.Lady Bottom


Basic Specifications:

Specifications for SteelSeries Ikari Laser:

  • Samples per second: 40.000
  • Inches per second: 50
  • Counts per inch: 1 - 3.200  (1 CPI Steps)
  • Acceleration: 20 G
  • Sensor data path: True 16 bit
  • Lift distance: 0,07 inch
  • Buttons: 5
  • Cord: 6.5 ft (braided to improve durability)
  • Polling: 1000 Hz
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Measurements: 5,1 x 3,3in - height 1,4in
  • CPI high/low indicator
  • SteelSeries FreeMove Technology
  • Large pressure points that reduce friction for optimized glide
  • Driverless, plug-and-play feature for LAN gamers
  • Operating systems: Win XP/Vista/Win 2000/Win 98/Win ME/Mac OS 


Specifications for SteelSeries QcK Pad:

  • Material: Cloth with rubber base
  • Surface treatment: Heat
  • imensions: 12.2" x 8.3" - thickness 0.08"
  • Size: Small
  • Glide: Smooth
  • Compatibility: All mice technologies


On the last page we'll briefly cover the software that ships with the Ikari and head on to testing.