Cyber Snipa Battle Bag

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Cyber Snipa Battle Bag
Stuff: All In The Bag

Product: Cyber Snipa Battle Bag
Provided By: Cyber Snipa
Price: $62.69 MSRP


There was a time when it was extremely uncommon to see a Laptop computer at a LAN party.  Things have changed as mobile computers have gotten faster processor, better graphics cards and faster hard drives.  Today, you can buy a laptop with a 2.8GHz+ processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory and two 500GB hard drives in RAID 0.  These computers are still not as powerful as their desktop counterparts, but they still offer very good gaming capability while at the same time being smaller and more portable.  If you are going to a LAN party with your laptop, you will want a good bag to take it in, and one that has room for all of your hardware.  Today we are taking a look at such a bag from Cyber Snipa as we take a tour of the Battle Bag.

 Battle Bag - Back
Battle Bag - Back
Battle Bag - Front
Battle Bag - Front


First Look:

At first glance the Cyber Snipa Battle Bag doesn't look like anything too special.  It first appears as sort of square bag with nothing too interesting.  There are a couple of zippered pockets on one side and it opens up to reveal three segments in one of the main compartments.  The main zipper allows the Battle Bag to be opened up flat for easier access to your laptop and other gear stored inside.

Battle Bag - Pockets
Battle Bag - Pockets
Battle Bag - Open
Battle Bag - Open


You can see in the image above on the right that there are a couple of straps for you to secure your laptop.  Also, opposite the laptop side are some zippered mesh pockets as well as a slim deep pocket behind these.

At this point, nothing has been new or unique that deserves a special look or the title "Battle Bag".  There is more to this bag than you have seen at first glance however.   When the top flap is lifted up you have access to a handy little keyboard pouch that Cyber Snipa has neatly tucked in place.  This keyboard pouch can be removed easily as it is held in place by Velcro strips.  It comes with its own carrying strap if you don't have room on the train or plane to keep everything attached.

Battle Bag - Keyboard Pouch
Battle Bag - Keyboard Pouch


Even though this keyboard pouch is fastened to the main Battle Bag by Velcro, it remains very secure when the bag is all strapped up for transport as the bottom two straps seen above meet up with the top flap keeping everything nice and snug.  Another nice feature is the hidden backpack straps that are concealed in a zippered pocket on the opposite side of the keyboard pouch.  This can quickly be removed in order to use the Battle Bag as a backpack, or stuffed back in for use as a standard laptop bag.  The shoulder strap is quickly and easily removable as well.

Before we see how the Battle Bag manages our gear, let's take a look at some of the features and information regarding this product from Cyber Snipa.


Product Details:

The Cyber Snipa Battle Bag elevates your kit to combat ready status.

This bag combines a handy Lap top compartment with a keyboard pouch that unfolds when needed. A full size Gaming keyboard will fit in the pouch which is fully removable. LAN Gamers will now be able to transport their laptop and keyboards securely. Other unique features include: a detachable over the shoulder strap; concealed back pack straps, and two document compartments.

The rugged trim and ballistic vinyl material ensure your equipment will remain safe in just about any situation. The Battle Bag will have you winning the "war" while looking cool too!


Technical Specs:

  • Lap Top compartment
  • Detachable Keyboard pouch
  • Removable over the shoulder strap
  • Concealed back pack straps
  • Sturdy Ballistic vinyl construction
  • Two document compartments
  • Rugged Zippers
  • Double Strength Black Velcro flaps


Package Details:

Product Size:
330(L) * 120(W) * 400(H) mm
Internal Lap Top
Compartment Size:
290(L) * 50(W) * 340(H) mm
Keyboard Pouch:
530(L) * 30(W) * 220(H) mm
Product Weight: 1.333 kG


On the following page we'll drop some gear into this bag and see if it holds it all and if it holds up.