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Cyber Snipa Battle Bag
Stuff: All In The Bag

Dropping In Your Gear:

I've got a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 14" Widescreen laptop that I've recently picked up and I love it.  It is far better than my previous Acer laptop and the Cyber Snipa Battle Bag provides a nice soft place for it to sit.  Many laptop bags store your laptop hinge side down or lid down, but the Battle Bag rotates your laptop 90° and keeps it on its side.  This helps the battle bag stay narrower and enhances the use of the bag as a backpack.

 Laptop In Place
Laptop In Place
 Dock and Power Packed
Dock and Power Packed


In the laptop compartment, I've got a mouse, iPod cable, keys for my dock and a Samsung Bluetooth headset.  All of these fit comfortably with no need for pushing or shoving.  In the top zippered compartment I've stuffed a fUnc 1030 mousepad, my Laptop Dock, and a 90w Power Brick.  These also fit in the bag with no issues and there is certainly room for more.

This brings us to the keyboard.  The keyboard pouch on the battle bag is large enough to fit most keyboards.  It is large enough to fit the gargantuan Logitech G15 keyboard.

Keyboard In Pouch
Keyboard In Pouch


When it is all packed up and ready to go the Battle Bag looks pretty sharp.  It doesn't look like your average laptop bag - and it isn't.  It's a cut above in terms of features and storage.

Battle Bag Ready To Go
Battle Bag Ready To Go


Final Thoughts:

The Cyber Snipa Battle Bag is a unique laptop bag as it is designed with the gamer in mind.  It has enough pockets and compartments to keep most people happy and your gear organized.  It can convert from a bag to a backpack in a few seconds, but the money shot is the keyboard pouch.  Virtually all laptop bags have room for a mouse, power adapter, headphones and other small peripherals, but the Battle Bag goes a step further and provides you with a keyboard pouch that large enough to hold some of the biggest gaming keyboards on the market.  Although I used a small 14" laptop in this review the Battle Bag is large enough to easily accommodate a 15.4" laptop with ease.


  • Good quality bag
  • Lots of storage
  • Converts to backpack or bag
  • Removable keyboard pouch



  • Won't fit 17" desktop replacements
  • Backpack straps a little small



I'd like to thank Cyber Snipa for sending over the Battle Bag for us to take a look at.  It is a handy unit that gets recommended, and while not perfect, it will suit the needs of many users.  Please feel free to post your comments, questions and feedback at the "Comments" link below.