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PCMark Performance:

To start things off we'll take a look at PCMark Vantage numbers.  An interesting thing to note is that the K10N78hSLI-WiFi clocks up the CPU to 203x13=2639MHz in order to squeeze some extra performance out of the system without the user knowing it - the A770 Crossfire keeps things all on the up-and-up though and stock CPU is clocked at 200x13=2600MHz.  While we managed to top out at 3.35GHz, we found the system was fastest at 400x8=3200MHz.  For all of our overclocking tests we used the 3.2GHz clock speed setting.  Memory was kept at DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 1T at both stock speeds and in our overclocked results.  The end result is that we ran the CPU at the same raw MHz as previous ASRock motherboards, but the HTT speed is much faster on the A770 which should translate into better overall performance when overclocked.

PCMark Vantage
PCMark Vantage


For reference we included the numbers from the K10N750SLI-WiFi and K10N78hSLI-WiFi motherboards we reviewed recently.  Stock performance numbers are included and the systems are quite similar, but we've used an HIS 4850 512MB card with the A770 motherboard and an EVGA 8800GT for the other boards.  This makes the numbers not directly comparable, but still CPU based results should be relevant.


To gauge memory performance on the A770 Crossfire we used Everest Ultimate.  For this test we used both stock and overclocked numbers and tried to keep the memory as close to DDR2-800 as possible.  You can see that the stock performance of the K10N750SLI-WiFi motherboard is actually quite a bit better than the other motherboards. All memory timings are exactly the same - 4-4-4-12 1T @ DDR2-800.  However, the overclocked performance of the A770 Crossfire is clearly the winner as the high HTT speed helps us reach close to 9GB/sec read speed.

Everest Memory
Everest Memory


Finally we take a look at PM Core - a program that calculates prime numbers.  This program multi-threaded and we used it to calculate 10,000 prime numbers.  The results below are in minutes:seconds.tenths.  Once again, we've put up all ASRock boards against each other at identical stock and overclocked speeds.



In this test the boards produce the same results when running the multi-threaded test at stock speeds, but this change in favor of the K10N78hSLI-WiFi as the rest of the tests progress.  Nothing dramatic but all means but it does edge out the other motherboards.