Func U-10.s Gaming Surface

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Func U-10.s Gaming Surface
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Product(s): fUnc U-Series Mousing Surface
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fUnc Industries have been around since 1999, and was founded by gamers who wanted a better product than what was available. fUnc has quickly become known as one of the premier "Mousing Surface" companies, and when you're at the next LAN party look around and I'd be very surprised if someone isn't using a fUnc product. fUnc is focused on the gaming surface market, and they've got a good variety of Mousing Surfaces to suit any gamer's needs.

Today I'm going to take a look at the fUnc U-Series (U-10.s) Mousing Surface. This Mousing Surface has a "Paper-Thin" design, which is going to appeal to the people who don't like to feel their mousepad, and with this thin design it's going to feel like you're using your mouse on top of your desk, but should give you a much more precise gaming surface than the top of your desk ever will.

Now before I begin, choosing a mousepad isn't an easy task for most gamers, and one gamer might like might not be the best choice for the next gamer, so doing a review of a mousepad isn't so easy since the biggest part of choosing a mousepad is personal preference. So with that being said I'm going to provide my thoughts about the fUnc U-10.s, and hopefully it helps you make a better choice when you decide to replace your mousepad.


First Impressions:

Well as soon as you pull the fUnc U-10.s out of the package, you realize just how thin the U-10s really is (approximately 0.5 mm thick). The model that fUnc sent to us in the U-10s, which is a smooth surface pad, but they also do offer the U-30s, which offers a textured feeling surface, while still being very thin.

While the U-10.s is very thin, there is still some rigidity to it, so it's not going to crumple up on you or anything like a crappy thin cloth pad might. I'd probably recommend not throwing it into your LAN bag with all your cables and such just so you don't bend it all out of shape, but it's going to stand up to some abuse.

The backing on the U10.s is pretty decent also, the whole back has grip so you're not going to have it sliding all over the place while you're trying to dominate in your game.


packagefront .jpg
Func U10.s - Packaging (Front)
packageback .jpg
Func U10.s - Packaging (Back)

top .jpg
Func U10.s - Top
back .jpg
Func U10.s - Bottom

Well unfortunately I don't really have much more to say about this mousepad, let's see how it performs in the testing section....