Samsung TS-H552U 16X DVD±RW

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Samsung TS-H552U 16X DVD±RW
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Product: Samsung TS-H552U 16X DVD±RW
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Samsung Canada
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About the same time that I received the PX-716A from Plextor, the TS-H552U from Samsung arrived here at the shop as well.  The nifty thing about the Samsung drive is that it hasn't been officially released here in North America yet.  You can purchase it for around £39.95 in the UK, but it isn't currently available at retail outlets here in Canada.  This review will give you an idea of the performance of this unit, as well as writing quality.  Is it going to be worth the wait or should you go buy a different drive today?  Hopefully we'll answer some of these questions in the following pages.

This drive is a full-featured DVD±RW that writes DVD±R's at 16X max, but reads them at 8X.  It also writes DVD±RW's at 4X, and DVD+R DL disks at 4X.  It reads all of these at 8X. It does read DVD-ROM's at 16X.  It is also a very capable CDRW drive as it writes CD's at 40X, reads them at 48X, and reads CDRW's at 32X, but writes them at 24X.  Now that we've taken a bit of a crude look at the specs of this drive, let's take a look at them all laid out:

As you can see, this drive is a little limited on it's read speeds when it comes to DVD media.  It can only read 16X on DVD-ROM's, and to be quite honest, they are not all that popular.  DVD-Video doesn't count.

In the manual, Samsung lists the system requirements for this drive.  System requirements are listed as Windows 98 and higher with a P3 and 256MB of RAM.  The reasons these requirements are lower than some is because Samsung has chosen to use Nero 6.3 and not some bloated super-powerful software suite that takes a whackload of resources.  Regardless, Samsung does recommend a P4 if you are planning on doing any major video editing.

That's the introduction.  Head on over to the next page to take a closer look at the drive and the bundled software.