Samsung SyncMaster 2463UW 24in LCD - Performance, Software and Conclusion

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I kept my resolution at 1920x1200 so any text is very small, while I don`t mind small text I don`t like to go overboard and this monitor provided the perfect size to resolution ratio for me. I know some monitors that would blur out and obscure nearly everything at max resolution, however nothing, as far as web browsing and document creating goes, is in the least bit blurry with the 2463uw.

For games, I started playing Bioshock (amazing game btw!) and I was able to take it full up to its rated 1920x1200 resolution in game. I also played COD4 a lot, since I`m part of a clan I play a lot more than normal, and while I was playing, it was a very pretty experience, I noticed no ghosting at all, and the video was nice and crisp. Even with only a 5ms response time, gaming was very smooth.

As for movies I was slightly disappointed with the viewing angle from the bottom since that is where most of my movies are watched from. However, the angle from side to side is pretty impressive and would be more than adequate for any average user. With absolutely no ghosting or blurring of any video, this monitor presents itself with a wide range of aspects that are nearly perfect.

Input Ports
Input Ports


In order for the speakers, mic, web cam, etc. pretty much anything but the monitor itself requires the USB power cord that is provided with the monitor. Once that is hooked up, windows should automatically detect the devices and install drivers for them. The speakers sounded pretty good considering they are monitor speakers; there is definitely a noticeable lack of any sound from the lower spectrum.

There is a microphone and web cam built into the monitor and that may sound cool for the average consumer.  However, for a monitor of this size most people will not be very close to the monitor and the microphone does not pick anything up farther than a foot away. In addition the web cam was okay if you are on a direct level with it, however if it is a tall desk then the monitor doesn't tilt down very much then the web cam is going to be quite a bit off.


Software & Documentation:

The monitor does come with a CD, with drives and some software available, as of time of writing I could not find this software compiled on Samsung's website so hang on to your CD! In addition to the monitor driver, the CD provides you with some cool software, some monitor tuning stuff and web cam software, it also includes adobe reader.

LCD Software
LCD Software


The software opens and is operated from within a web browser, however it required Internet Explorer to install things from that outlet, from Firefox it would give me an error message and tell me to go into the CD and install the program from the appropriate folder. I even tried it with Google's browser Chrome to end up with the same result as with Firefox.



In conclusion I can confidently say that this monitor is an amazing product worthy of honor, Aside from all the extras that come with it the view is one of a kind. With a 5ms response time it isn't going to satisfy those extremists out there for their lightning speed 2ms, but it will provide anyone from the home dweller to the office user and the gamer with good clear picture. With the front falling off, the web cam not being able to be adjusted, and the mic (naturally) not working for larger distances, it isn't perfect, but it's about as close as you're going to get these days.

This monitor isn't in huge circulation yet, so I only found one seller for this monitor and that was for $489.95, considering that I paid 350$ a year ago for my 22" it's not too horrible of a price. If I had $500 bucks lying around I'd consider getting a 4870 x2 rather than a new monitor.


  • 1920x1200 Resolution
  • HDMI Video input
  • USB hub
  • 5ms Response Time
  • Good Contrast Ratio



  • Mic doesn't really work
  • Webcam works only in certain situations



I'd like to thank Samsung for sending this monitor our way to review.  Although it falls short of the "Top Pick", it is still a decent LCD although the web cam and mic seem to be integrated as an afterthought.

Please feel free to post your thoughts, comments, questions and experiences with this LCD in our forum at the "Comments" link below.