Hades Gaming Paris H3 Optical Gaming Mouse - Closer Look, Features and Specs

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Hades Gaming Paris H3 Optical Gaming Mouse
Closer Look, Features and Specs
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Closer Look:

The Hades Gaming H3 Paris has an interesting feel.  While it is physically quite a large mouse, it feels narrow in your hand, but not as narrow as the NZXT Avatar mouse.  Although it has a fairly straight-ahead look, it is definitely a right-handed mouse only as evidenced by the mouse buttons for your thumb and the gentle curve of the main body.  While it is quite narrow, and slightly shorter in length that my tried and true Logitec G5, it has a bit of a hump to the back that actually hits my palm in an odd sort of way. 

 Promo Pic 1
Promo Pic 1
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After prolonged intense use, I find that this mouse actually makes my hand go a bit numb, but I'm sure that I'm the 1 out of 1,000,000 that this would affect this way.  About 10 years ago now, I broke my hand in a horse breaking accident and my hand never healed correctly.  A bone in my hand snapped in half and the two pieces weren't lined up properly when the bone healed.  This actually has cause the bone pieces to overlap slightly and gives me a bit of a knot on both the palm and back of my hand.

 Mouse With LEDs
Mouse With LEDs
 Front View
Front View
 Mouse Bottom
Mouse Bottom


There are a pair of thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse that require a little extra push at first, but once this mouse was broke in, they clicked quite easily - although not too easily.  I loathe mice that click too easily on the side buttons as it can cause a lot of issues when typing a post in Wordpress as bumping the "back" button causes you to exit out of your post editor and lose any chances that haven't been saved.  As you can see in the pictures above, the mouse wheel has a nice glow that can actually be turned off in the software as we'll see on the next page.  Just behind the mouse wheel on the top is a DPI switch selector that can be assigned to other functions if you desire.  Lastly the bottom is smooth, uneventful and houses the 1,600dpi optical sensor.



Yes, Paris H3 is the one mode mouse, but this mode is such powerful for overcome all enemies. Just the same as Ares H1, all the settings are stored in the mouse. There is no driver has to be installed. By the green Paris H3 utility, you can define all the button functions by yourself. Yes, you are design your own gaming weapon. Why The Paris H3 is such powerful? After you know the new features below, you will know.

  • New keep shooting function: No. of shoots, pressing time and delay time can be re-defined. Not only the mouse key but also keyboard single letter can be kept shooting.
  • Build-in 5 Macros (125 byte/macro), mouse click, scrolling and keyboard input can be recorded. And there are 5 execution methods to output the command.
  • Build-in 8 Scripts (4 for 256 byte, 3 for 512 byte and 1 for 1024 byte), no matter mouse movement, keyboard input, HID calling, compound command can be saving into one mouse click. And there are 8 execution methods.

Macros and Script are the very powerful function, however, the complicated and difficult setting process makes user do not want to touch it. But now, do not worry about it, Hades-Gaming makes the setting become very easy. Just a simple logic process, everyone can writes his own Macro and Script. Come on, Let's try it.


Main Specs:

  1. No. of Buttons:   5 standard with 2 extra (DPI)
  2. Optical Sensor
    1. Frame rate:   up to 6,500   FPS (frame/ sec)
    2. Tracking Speed:   40   IPS (inch/ sec)
    3. Acceleration:  15  G
    4. Resolution Range: 200~1,600
  3. Indicators: DPI, 4 levels
  4. Dimension:  122.4  ×  70.6  ×  43.8  (L×W×H, mm)
  5. Weight:   133   gw (with cable) ±2%
  6. USB report rate:  up to 1,000Hz 
  7. Cable:  USB Full speed  ;  2.0  M
  8. USB:  USB type A gold plated 
  9. Compatible:  Windows® 2000, XP, Vista


On the last page we'll take a quick look at the software and test this mouse out.