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Hades Gaming Paris H3 Optical Gaming Mouse
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Paris H3 Software and Testing

Hades Gaming Software:

Just like the NXZT Avatar, the Hades H3 Paris doesn't ship with drivers or need drivers.  Instead it ships with software that allows you to program your mouse and then have your mouse carry the button assignments, profiles and sensitivity settings on board.  This is extremely handy if you have to sit down at a tournament machine and aren't allowed to install drivers.  If you're mouse is setup up for macros and other custom functions with the software once, it should carry through to other machines that it is plugged into.

 Button Assignments
 Button Assignments
 Features List
Features List


One thing I noticed that was available in the button configuration is the "Disabled" feature.  I thought this would be fun to disable all of the buttons, save it to the mouse and then let someone else use the "button-less" mouse.  As it turns out, Hades requires that you have one button be set to "L-Button".  It doesn't have to be the Left Button though, it can be the mouse wheel scrolling.  This level of customization is quite nice for advanced users that really want to screw up their settings.


Usage & Testing:

I use the Logitec G5 on my main system, but still use the older Hades H1 mouse on my test bench.  The H1 has proven to be reliable and more than adequate and the H3 is no different.  I've done a lot of gaming, a bunch of photo editing and countless hours of other office productivity applications with the H3 and have been pretty satisfied.  The H3 Paris is a nice mouse that tracks well and has some nice customizable settings, but it still hasn't replaced my tried, true and rather worn G5.  Because of the "hump" in the back and my poorly healed hand, I find prolonged use of this mouse to get a little uncomfortable, but my wife "Xena" has a very positive opinion of the shape and design of this mouse.

My favorite mouse is still the Logitech G5 due to its lightly larger size, lower profile and it fits my hand a bit better.  Is the G5 actually a better mouse?  I can't say, but I've been very impressed with the H3.  It delivers an incredibly customizable experience and if you're a serious gamer and you need some macros on your mouse; the H3 is one of the few driverless choices that will leave you happy - and enable you to pack your killer macros to another machine.



This is the second product from Hades Gaming that we've looked at, and while we skipped from the H1 to the H3, I can't help but feel that not a lot has change or improved in this mouse.  The H1 has a couple of different modes, higher dpi resolution and a more comfortable fit - while the H3 has a racier design, excellent tracking, and the same customizable feature set.  This unit is CounterStrike happy though and if you're still into CS, you'll probably enjoy showing off your colors with this unit.

While the H3 Paris isn't my favorite mouse, it's still a good choice for anyone looking to pick up a new gaming mouse with a lot of features and excellent performance.



  • High quality mouse
  • Excellent tracking performance
  • Tons of customization options
  • Free game included with a mouse!


  • Documentation shipped non-English
  • Software shipped non-English
  • Limited availability




 Top Pick

I'd like to thank Hades Gaming for sending this mouse over for us to review and for their patience while requested English software.  It's a decent mouse that just squeaks in for a "Top Pick".

Please post any questions, comments and your general feedback regarding these Hades products in our forum at the comments link below.