Hades Gaming Paris H3 Optical Gaming Mouse

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Hades Gaming Paris H3 Optical Gaming Mouse
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Paris H3 Software and Testing

Product: Hades Gaming Paris H3 Optical Gaming Mouse
Provided By: Hades Gaming
Price: ~est. $50


Today we are looking a new mouse from a little-known company over here in North America.  We've got the latest mouse from Hades Gaming on the bench today and look at the latest optical mouse to come out of this company.  While this company is not that well known over here, they still seem to make pretty solid products and are worth a look - especially if you can score one of these cheap on eBay.  In this review we'll be covering this "Counter Strike" inspired mouse and see if it's as impressive as it looks.  According to press material and promotional images, this is a pretty impressive mouse.  Keep on reading as we find out.

 Paris H3 Box
Paris H3 Box

 Back Of The Box
Back Of The Box


Hades has put together a nice mouse, a sleek package and a very decent overall presentation with the Paris H3.  The back of the box includes all the details (I'm assuming) about this mouse and some familiar logos.  CounterStrike and Valve are represented in English but pretty much everything else is not.  Before we get farther into this review and the Paris H3, let's quickly take a moment and find out about Hades Gaming.


About Hades Gaming:

Is high resolution the main feature of gaming mouse? Before 2005, the answer is yes. However, after 2005, the answer is "follow standards". What is standard? Who did the standard? Why that is standard?

Hades-Gaming is the company focus on "GAMING World" deeply and care about what is the gamer really want. So, Hades-Gaming is willing to challenge the "standard" and always make something new. We believe, new concept brings new idea, new idea brings new technologies and patents. If we are focus on "GAME", we must not only design for gamer but design by gamer. Products are not only test by QA&QC team but pro gamers. We are not only make money from gamers, but be the sponsor in Gaming world.

Now, do you know more about Hades-Gaming? Just look our products, you will find all the features we provide are what you are seeking for a long time.


To further confirm the oriental origin and market for this particular product, check out how much this unit costs!

Price Tag

It has been discounted from the estimated MSRP of $1899 to a mere $1399 making this a bargain for anyone.


The Bundle:

The Hades Gaming Paris H3 bundle isn't much of a bundle, which is typical of mice.  In the box, we find the mouse with a fairly stout cord as well as a manual (not English) that also houses a driver/software CD.  The H3 mouse requires software in order to program buttons and sensitivity but doesn't require installation of the software.  The software is ran from the CD and once setting are changed they are saved to the mouse.  This enables you to specify custom macros, button functions and sensitivity and then be able to transport it quickly and easily to any tournament machine you are playing on.  I was also surprised to see that Hades Gaming has included the full-patched version of CounterStrike on the CD.  Unfortunately, this is not in English either so installation may not go as smoothly as you'd hope.

H3 Bundle
H3 Bundle


On the next page we'll take a closer look at this mouse and cover the specifications and features.