Func Custom U-Seris and C-Series Pads - fUnc U-Series Ultra-Thin Pad

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Func Custom U-Seris and C-Series Pads
fUnc U-Series Ultra-Thin Pad
Testing and Final Thoughts

U-Series First Impressions:

While the U-Series pad is super thin, it doesn't not come rolled up as did the C-Series pad and this pad has more of a hard-surface feel to it.  It comes in the fUnc F10.s or F30.r finishes so if you like a nice rough pad, you're in luck.  I prefer the smooth surface and was very happy to receive the F10.s version.  This pad came with another couple of pads from fUnc and at first glance, I didn't even think it was a mouse pad.  It is branded with a "Super Reviewer" graphic in the middle, and I assumed that it was some sort of promotional material.  It is as thin as a laminated poster so I assumed that is what it was.  Proudly I displayed in at BCCHardware HQ, until fUnc asked me if I received all three pads in good shape.  I replied that I'd only received two, until the nice lady explained that the "Super Reviewer" unit was a custom U-Series pad they made to send out to review sites.  That little mix-up made me feel . . . special.

 U-Series Profile
U-Series Profile


This pad is pretty much the same size as the C-Series cloth pad and in fact is positioned directly on top of the C-Series bad in the picture above.  

 U-Series Print & Texture
U-Series Print & Texture
F10.s Texture
F10.s Texture


Even though this is a "hard" surfaced pad it is still pretty comfortable because it is smooth and extremely thin.  It isn't the same soft feeling on your arm and wrist as the C-Series, but it is still very comfortable to use.  It has a nice slick feel to it and mouse movement is very fluid and fast.  It stays in place thanks to the little adhesive pads that fUnc includes in this bundle.


More Info from fUnc:

Func Industries U-Series Competition Mousing sUrfaces are single-sided, large format mouse pads constructed of high quality polycarbonate with exceptional and consistent tracking qualities.

  • Single-sided mousing surface
  • LARGE: 14" x 11"
  • Available in two textures: U10s or U30r
  • Less than 1/32" thick

The mousing surface incorporates a specially selected, ultra thin, textured synthetic backing that exhibits exceptional traction characteristics on a desktop.


On the last page we'll take a look at how these pads perform and hold up through daily use.