ASRock G43 Twins-FullHD mATX - Gaming Performance and Conclusion

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Gaming Performance:

To keep things straight up we tested a few games using only the Intel GMA X4500 DX10 chipset.  Even though the chipset supports DX10 features, it can't be used to play any major DX10 titles at a decent resolution or detail.  That being said, it did impress me as far as how well it was able to play older games.  We ran some Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike 1.6 and Unreal Tournament 2004.  I'm sure that it has enough horsepower to play CS:Source, but we ran into issues trying to play any Source-based games through Steam.  The games would launch, then crash to desktop as Steam warned that the GPU hardware was not recognized.  Hopefully a driver update in the future resolves this issue.

Gaming Chart


Final Thoughts:

Intel-based mATX motherboards have a reputation of being solid performers and from what we've seen on the ASRock G43 Twins-FullHD, this board is no exception.  Performance is good and the board is rock solid throughout stock testing.  It has a nice layout, adequate cooling and runs virtually silent with the stock cooler.  HD Video playback works very well using the integrated video and thanks to the DisplayPort, DVI-D and D-Sub out, you can hook your favorite HDTV and a computer monitor to this at the same time for some extra fun.  The DisplayPort extends this motherboards life and as long as the electrolytic capacitors hold out, you'll be in good shape for a few years.

6 USB2.0 ports on the back are quite nice and coupled with the 8-channel audio, multiple video outputs and GB Ethernet, the ASRock G43 Twins-FullHD is quite a well rounded budget package.  I would have liked to see an eSATA or Firewire port on this board as well in order to increase the flexibility and performance of external storage.  Overall, this board is enough to get you by, but isn't really that exciting.  Combined with the fact that jumper adjustment is required for CPU/memory combinations and our overclocking results were zilch, I'm left feeling a little disappointed.  A couple of redeeming features are DDR2/DDR3 support and the DisplayPort.  It is one of the few boards that support DisplayPort and if this is in your future, it may be worth considering.



  • Well-laid out mATX motherboard
  • 6 SATA ports + 1 IDE port
  • DDR2 and DDR3 support
  • DX10 capable GMA X4500 integrated video
  • DisplayPort
  • Very affordable - expected price ~ $70



  • DDR3 support to 1066MHz only
  • No eSATA or Firewire
  • If DisplayPort card is used PCIe 16x is unavailable
  • Largely electrolytic capacitors




I'd like to thank ASRock for sending over this little board for us to review.  If you're looking for a no-frills board this may be a worthy choice, but if you want to do some tweaking and have some faster external storage available, there are better choices around.  That being said, it's one of the few boards that come equipped with DisplayPort and that may be the feature you're looking for.

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