BCCHardware @ CES 2009 - BFG, Crucial, and Psyko

Well 25% into CES and my shoulders are already sore from the load on my back. I guess i'm just not used to lugging a backpack around all the place. Even so, we made most of our appointments and met some cool people around the booths.

 BFG PSUs and GPUs

One of the major names we visited today was BFG, they were stepping out of their gaming video card market and entering with a small lineup of PSUs. They had 550W and 680W, not sure how well they will stand up against stress testing, but hopefully before too long we will know. The 680W also was being sold as an optional modular package, which is a major selling point for a lot of enthusiasts. They were also showing off the GTX 295 as a product that is already released, I already see it available for most online retailers.

 Phobos Setup

One of the products they announced shortly before CES is the Phobos, BFG has some pretty impressive partnerships with lots of other big companies to create this system, they have Coolit in there and MSI as well as some others to create a gaming system worthy of honor. One of the major points of the system is the LCD touch screen on the front of the case, it gives the user the ability to see stats on the system pretty easily. The beauty of it though, is that there is no processes going on the main system, it is all done through a small designated CPU in the case itself!

While the Phobos is still in development there were some UI bugs in the LCD touch screen, and the pop-up I/O panel wasn't quite up for commercial development yet, it was pretty darn close and we were impressed to see something like that go up for as little as 3 grand a piece. We had a press release about it over here that you can check out for more technical specs.


Crucial Tracer Blue


Crucial wasn't all that impressive, they were showing off their tri-channel memory and had colors of red, green, and blue. Other than that there weren't any huge announcments that they were doing. They shared a booth with Lexar and had some nice cameras and camcorders along with some flash memory.


One thing that was really cool was their SSD HDDs, everybody has them now but only Crucial had it physically being stress tested by shaking and pounding. They had a "Shake-O-Matic" machine. It actually shook the SSD so hard it reached 300 G's the whole time running a laptop with video running without any skipping at all!

Psyko Headphones

There always is a lot of new exhibitors out there and they are all trying to pitch their sales products to everyone who comes their way. One of these companies we agreed to meet them, they have quite a unique product available. Their name is Psyko and they are producing a headset that I think you will find quite intreguing.

Air Vents

What these people have done is take regular headphones and have put the speakers, 5.1 surround speakers, and put them in the headband. Then routed the sound through special tubes down to your ears and the sound actually moves past your ears to create an actual directional sound. It definately creates a different experience in terms of sound.

The ones that we tried definately weren't finished products, they were prototypes so there is going to be some improvements on them by the time that they are released. However, for 299$ MSRP I don't know if it is worth it. We reviewed some headphones from AblePlanet that were a couple hundred more than that, so for high end audio I guess dishing out a lot of dough is what is requred.