BCCHardware @ CES 2009 - Lian Li

Lian Li this year had quite an impressive booth with a ton of cases surrounding their booth, I'm sure they were showing their linup from the entire last year! They even were still displaying the Spider case from last year.


This year they also had a very interesting design, it was like none other. An ergonomically designed case, with full ATX compatibility and a four 3.5" bay storage design. It is one of their flagship designs, no other company has a design quite like it. Its hard to tell at this point whether it will fly but it definitely won't be a dud.


As we all know already the Xbox is a very heat intensive system, and many people have complained. Lian Li is the only company to produce an aftermarket Xbox case. The case definitely appeals to a very specific market, and to actually install the case you need to know what you are doing and it also voids the warranty on the Xbox. For 150$ it is definitely appeals to the die hard Xbox fanboy market, me being one of those thought it was really cool.

Also one of the big things they had was the Dragon case, it looks like a regular case and for the most part it is, kinda looks similar to the Antec 900 but the tooless design is somewhat different. It has solid metal hinges for the add-on cards, which are definitely a nice change.

One of the major releases recently was the PC-871 case, its major feature was the opening HDD bay for 7 fully hot-swappable drive bays! This is one of the more useful new features of the cases I have seen, especially for techs that work on a lot of different HDDs. Lian Li is well known for their massive case lineup, but now they are trying to break into the PSU market with PSUs ranging from 650W to 850W, including modular options for some models. They also admitted that the fan on the PC gaming series was quite loud.


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